Why I vowed to NEVER go back to Starbucks again

Whenever I go to a Starbucks I only order 2 things if I’m by myself, a grande drip coffee (no specialty drinks), and a Venti water. Why water? I have to drink water with my coffee or else it dehydrates me.

If you ever go to Starbucks you know there’s always line ups. Especially if you’re ordering a drink that has to be made at the coffee bar.

So, this is what the cashiers do when I order the Venti Water. They take the plastic clear cup and they put it beside the other cups at the barista bar for those who are waiting for their specialty drink, making me wait just for cup of water.

Now I always ask the cashier if they can get the water for me instead of them putting the cup line with the latte’s, the americano’s, the frappicino’s, the whatever…making me wait in line JUST FOR BLOODY WATER (without the blood).!!!

9 out of 10 times no matter what location I go to in Toronto, the cashier gives me attitude and a looks at me as ” how dare he ask me to do that”. And I am saying to myself, what has become of people to be such lazy shit heads and what’s up with the poor customer service at Starbucks?

My visit to Starbucks today will be my LAST visit.. I have vowed to never shop at a Starbucks again! Not because of the water, but because of the poor customer service.

On October 16th 2014, at around 2:45pm I went into the The Shops on Don Mills location in Toronto. A black employee behind the counter (ethnicity really doesn’t matter, I would of said the gay guy, or the woman or the Paki, I don’t even know why I have to mention any ethnicity really) took my order and I asked him if HE can get the water. His reply “No sorry, I have to give it to the Barista at the bar”, I asked “Why it’s only water?, he says “She has to prep the water” Prep the water???? As in go downtown stairs to the well and pump the water?  I replied “Tell me you’re pretending to me stupid or are you really?”

Why does this anger me? BECAUSE IT’S STUPID!  It’s outright STUPID! Stupid irritates me. I have little threshold for stupid and horrible customer service. Why make a customer’s life more difficult all for some glass of water, where am I? in Africa?

It doesn’t make sense to me. It baffles me how stupid people can be.  You see if it was me behind the counter and I was the cashier I would not hesitate because I would say to my intelligent self, IT’S ONLY WATER and he’s not jumping queue. No big deal. And I was hired to provide good customer service.

NOT at Starbucks!

I called the Customer Service line, they took my complaint and the agent told me the district managers are in Seattle for some Starbucks convention.

Hopefully ‘How to train your employee’s to provide good customer service’ was on agenda.


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