WIND Mobile ~ The never ending hassle

Wind Mobile has been in Canada since 2009 and according to Google is the 4th largest wireless company in Canada, most likely 4th after Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Lately, I’ve noticed the very enticing plans Wind Mobile has $40 for All Inclusive service (data and voice etc). Except for Mobilicity, no other provider offers unlimited data at a cheap price of $40/month which also includes calls to Canada and USA wide.

The companies mentioned above charge $80 for Canada Wide and only 500MB of data. The prices increased when CRTC ruled that 3 yr contracts are too long, the carriers had to change contracts from 3 years to 2 in turn increasing the prices to their plans.

So I thought I should give WIND a try.


But god kept pushing me back..and I swear I heard  “Noo, my child…stay away..if not I will make it difficult for you and you will see the troubles as an indication to stay clear from them.” No I am not religious.

I could be stubborn at times and I ignored the signs.

It might be cheap, but the customer service is…for the lack of better explicit words…CRAP!

I’ve had service and experience with numerous wireless companies in my time; Rogers, Bell, Koodo, Mobilicity, Fido, Virgin Mobile and now Wind Mobile. From all of the mentioned companies Wind Mobile is the worst company I’ve dealt with. And that’s not even including using their services yet, this is just from getting the phone and exchanging it then cancelling it to go on on their no tab plan.

Last week I went to buy the HTC ONE M8 phone for $199 on their $60 tab plan. No problems there.

The next day I changed my mind and wanted to exchange the phone for an older cheaper phone, the Nexus5 for $99 on their $50 plan. This took one hour of my time and this is not including waiting in line. The rep who was assisting me couldn’t do it because he wasn’t trained to so I had to wait for the one rep who knew how to. So when it came to my turn the so-called trained rep had to call in to their support desk to do the transaction, when they call the support centre they have t verify it’s the owner of the account and need to speak to me to confirm I’m the customer making the transaction. The in store rep already confirmed I’m the person by checking my ID. So obviously WIND does not trust their employee’s or give them any authority to make changes to a customers account.

After 1/2 hour, I was refunded the $199 for the HTC ONE M8 and then charged my credit card for the $99 for the Nexus 5, but their process is, they bill my wireless account and I pay for it right away. Every other company just refunds me, credits me back on my credit card.

So, today I changed my mind again because I managed to get my own phone to use on their network, so I dreaded going back but WOW their plans are damn good, why not? So, I went back to the their store. There was one employee, and SURPRISE she didn’t know how to do a return so she asked if I wanted to wait for her employee to come back from break, I said fine. So the employee returns, and YES another surprise he had to call support to do the return and put me on a different plan, he called his support 3 times. He then called his manager to ask how to process the transaction. So while he briefly spoke to him and had the support centre on hold, the support centre hung up on him and he called them back, each time he called they had to verify my name and DOB. So, since I already knew the process, he passed me the phone I already knew what to say and I passed the phone back.

And that process went on for 90 mins. I got fed up and told him to cancel my service altogether. Since I was quite irritable I vented.

He said they couldn’t refund me because it was a bill payment charge for the phone. I later learned from another store that a case had to be opened for refund. A case to be opened for a refund??? Lord have mercy.

I give people and companies chances, many times more than I should. So, I drove to another Wind Mobile store. And told them what I wanted, easy process, had to pay $25 for a new SIM card, the other companies charge $10. The other companies simply transfer the number to to the new SIM card but NOT Windy Mobile.

So, tonight I get home I looked for the SIM card they gave me and low and behold the package was opened and the SIM card was missing. I did not pay attention when I walked out of the store that the package was opened and the SIM was missing. No wonder she handed the new paperwork and she placed the SIM card between the papers. Just WOW.

So tomorrow, I have to drive back to the store (cars become handy in situations like this, imagine if I didn’t have one and I’m going to different Wind Mobile stores to get service a customer deserves) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t believe me. REALLY? Because it would be stupid to lie about some SIM card.

What I should add is this; I haven’t cancelled my service with my previous provider yet because I wanted to test out this Wind Mobile….. crap. It’s on it’s own network using AWS technology and they’re not as big as the other guys, so less towers = possibly not good reception.

I also called the call centre and asked how do I get that $99 refund, she had to put me on hold and had to ask her supervisor, I was told to email my receipt that I returned the phone. ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS???

Call me crazy but all this should of been a seamless and smooth experience and something that shouldn’t take 2 hours to do. Nor should it of been a stressful situation.

Call me CRAZY that I’m still giving them a chance.

I will freak if they give me issues on this missing SIM card. Don’t worry I’m not violent.

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