10 years for Assaulting 21 people.

Over and over again sentences like this boggle my mind. I am not excusing the fact what this douchebag was wrong but I’ve only seen and heard crimes again are not taken as harsh and criminals are sentenced to just a couple of years. Someone who’s actually did time with pedophiles ( a facility for addictions/anger/sex crimes) the cases heard were so despicable it makes you cringe and these predators were only sentenced for months to less than 2 years. The damage, scarring and impact these children deal with for the rest of their lives amounts to much greater than an adult who has been assaulted and the guy in this article is sentenced to 10 years for 21 victims, much deserved but in Canada he’ll be out way before that, but why aren’t sentences like this handed down to pedophiles? Who’s the victim here? Pedophiles get life sentences in the USA, Canada 2 years. Talk about miscarriage of the justice system.

Former North York General anesthesiologist Dr George Doodnaught was sentenced Tuesday to ten years imprisonment for sexually assaulting 21 of his patients.

Many of his victims, filling rows of the packed courtroom, shed tears as Superior Court Justice David McCombs read his decision.

As Doodnaught, 65, was handcuffed and taken into custody from court, a few of his victims clapped.

His “reprehensible conduct must be condemned in the strongest terms,” said McCombs.

In November, Doodnaught was found guilty of sexually assaulting 21 women between the ages of 25 and 75 while they were semi-conscious on the operating table.

All but one of the women were undergoing surgeries at North York General Hospital between 2006 and 2010. Doodnaught was a popular anesthesiologist at the hospital for 26 years.

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  • George Doodnaught is shown in a Toronto police handout photo. The anesthesiologist convicted of sexually assaulting 21 sedated women during surgeries has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. zoom

The Crown had asked for 12 to 15 years during the sentencing hearing earlier this month. The defence suggested eight to 10 years.

Doodnaught’s lawyer Brian Greenspan said that they are appealing the convictions but not the sentence. He would not comment on whether bail is being sought pending appeal.

In his lengthy judgment released in November following the 76-day trial, McCombs found that Doodnaught took advantage of his position in the operating room, concealed behind a sterile screen that separates patients’ upper and lower bodies.

Hidden from the doctors and nurses, Doodnaught fondled the breasts of sedated female patients, kissed their mouths and forced them to perform oral sex and masturbation, McCombs found.

In victim impact statements read to the court during the sentencing hearing, the women, whose names are protected by a publication ban, described how the assaults robbed them of the ability to trust anyone, particularly doctors.

Many of them have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, some facing frequent panic attacks.

They struggle in relationships with their partners and children, have suffered financially due to difficulties working and fear undergoing any medical procedures or even being in a hospital.

Patients had made three formal sexual assault complaints to North York General Hospital about Doodnaught before a complaint in 2010 sparked a criminal investigation.

The hospital’s chief of anesthesiology was aware of the complaints but the senior hospital administration only learned of them after the 2010 complaint was made, McCombs found in his ruling.

Serious complaints about staff, including allegations of sexual assault, are now being reported directly to the hospital’s CEO.

Doodnaught may now face a disciplinary hearing with the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons that could result in the loss of his licence.

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  1. Living in Misandry · April 14, 2014

    The feminist movement have caused so many of their dupes to file false sexual rape charges, that it makes real rape cases hard to believe.

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