Toronto mom sentenced to 6 years for daughter’s death

**NEWS FLASH to all those parents who shouldn’t be parents!***  Beating or torturing your child to teach them a lesson DOES NOT TEACH them a lesson, you stupid dumbfucks! Why do these idiots not get it??

A horrible parent beats and tortures her child and is sentenced to jail for just 6 years, ONLY SIX FUCKIN YEARS!! to be be shortened to 1/4. I really hope this sick and pathetic woman rots in jail and I hope she gets beaten and tortured in jail bu those jailhouse bitches.. for her to feel the pain and anguish that her child went through. Once she’s out she needs to be deported to that country from which she came from and never see Canada again. Parents like her piss me right off.  How can anyone do this to child? Something I could never comprehend. If a child is misbehaving or is “bad”, look within YOURSELF and realize YOU’RE the problem. Violence towards children, child abuse sickens me. I am going to sound crazy for second but…SUFFER BITCH….SUFFER! Just the way your child did.

And the Canadian justice system just locks her up for 6 years!! JUST 6 YEARS!  Pathetic as this woman.

Why do they even have a “justice system”  when people who do this despicable acts of crime goes to jail for a few years? Hang the bitch by her CUNT! (The evil comes out when I hear these stories).

Sabrina Siconolfi blinked back tears and looked over her shoulder at her parents as she was led from court in handcuffs to begin a 6-year-sentence for criminal negligence in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Sakina Abdurahman.

It was the first strong display of emotion on Friday in the University Ave. courthouse for Siconolfi, 32, who earlier begged Justice Ian Nordheimer to return her to her three surviving children.

Before the judge announced her sentence, he noted that Sakina’s tiny body was covered with wounds — including at least 34 bruises to her back and lower limbs and a bite mark — when paramedics arrived at the family’s apartment on Victoria Park Avenue on July 9, 2010.

“There’s no group in our society who is more defenceless and therefore more deserving of our protection, than children, especially infants,” Nordheimer said.

Forensic specialist Dr. Michael Pollanen concluded the Sakina died of heat stroke during a severe summer heat wave, but that her multiple injuries contributed to her death.

Her injuries also included widespread fresh bruising and abrasions to her scalp and face and a healing fracture in her right ribs.

Siconolfi had sole custody of Sakina and her younger brother while an older child was in the care of her parents. Siconolfi was seven months pregnant with a fourth child at the time of Sakina’s death.

Nordheimer gave her credit for 128 days in custody before she was freed on house arrest. She will immediately begin serving a prison term.

Defence lawyers Tyler Smith and Todd Morris had argued for a three-year term and extended parole, with a year’s credit for time served.

Crown attorneys Jason Gorda and Dominique Kennedy sought a seven-year penitentiary term.

Kennedy told the judge that Siconolfi has repeatedly lied to authorities and shown no remorse. “She’s the one person that Sakina was supposed to be able to rely upon to keep her safe,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy noted that Siconolfi waited an hour and applied makeup to her daughter’s body in an attempt to hide bruises on the day of her death.

“This is not a one-time mistake,” Kennedy said. “This is not a slip-up. This is not an impulsive act. This is something that occurred over a long period of time.”

Smith argued that his client was in the throes of a serious depression at the time of Sakina’s death, brought on in part by physical, emotional and sexual abuse from former partners.

He added that she was so cash-strapped that she couldn’t afford an air-conditioning unit.

Siconolfi told the judge she wanted another chance to be a good mother.

“I hope that you do give me the right to rehabilitate myself,” she said before the judge passed sentence. “I have three other children . . . My parents are getting older. They’re not going to be able to raise them for long. They’re going to need me back again.”

“Looking back, I do realize the mistakes and bad choices that I made,” she said.

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