Mom charged with attempted murder after boy suffers life-threatening head injuries

Okay…I am not a parent but if anyone had the brains and common sense and were a good parent they’d know beating their child is outright stupid and irresponsible.


Kids are NOT born bad, they’re raised that way due to poor parenting. Violence in the home, beating your child will make your child worse if not a monster when they’re older. They will be violent. This is how murderers are created. So this is what you all stupid parents. GIVE up your children to a better home. To people who will actually discipline your kids the right way. Violence will not solve anything. You are not to have kids. You were not meant to have kids. Give them up for adoption! 

And then go castrate yourself to never have kids again!


The mother of an 11-year-old boy is facing three charges, including attempted murder, after an assault Friday morning in an Etobicoke apartment sent her son to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The 32-year-old woman also faces charges of aggravated assault and failure to provide the necessities of life, Toronto police Const. Victor Kwong said Friday, adding the boy’s condition had been downgraded to critical.

Police had to break the lobby doors to get into the building. In the apartment they found the boy with severe head injuries.

Two other children were removed from the apartment, where police believe the incident took place, and were placed in the care of Children’s Aid, said Kwong.

Emergency services were called to the Eva Rd. building, near Bloor St. W. and Highway 427, around 1:10 a.m.

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  • An 11-year old boy is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after an early morning assault. zoom

Jagruti Vyas, who lives a few doors down from the apartment, said she heard “some screaming noise before the police came. So much noise was going on.”

Esther Jeon, who lives on the same floor, was in the hallway with her mother and brother when police arrived.

Her brother said he heard a woman saying the Lord’s Prayer.

“She was reciting it,” said Samuel Jeon.

The ruckus two doors down from his apartment roused Kumar Ramachandran from his sleep. He said he was about to call 911 but police had already arrived.

He said he heard objects being thrown, screaming that went on for 10 to 15 minutes and one “big loud noise.”

Ramachandran said arguments and shouting are heard on a regular basis from the neighbours, but nothing like this.

“That was crazy,” he said.

Vyas, who works in the building’s management office, said she doesn’t know the family personally but they had been renting their unit for two or three years.

Ramachandran said his 10-year-old daughter played with the 11-year-old boy in the unit where the incident took place.

The boy, who he described as “very friendly,” had also been to Ramachandran’s home.

“Those kids are good,” he said of the 11-year-old boy and his siblings.

On the 11th floor — directly below the unit — resident Christopher Lee said he, too, heard loud noises coming from the unit late Thursday and early Friday, but that’s not unusual.

“But last night they were louder — like a thud, much louder than usual. It sounded like big objects were hitting the floor,” he said Friday morning.

Police are not releasing the names of family members to protect the boy’s identity.

Another woman was arrested at the scene, but has since been released with no charges.

With files from Arshy Mann and The Canadian Press

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