Wait forever to be served

Excuse me if I sound like a bitch, well no. Let’s NOT EXCUSE ME, but here’s my biggest pet peeve is when you go to a store and wait in line and there’s only one or two cashiers. The line up to cashier ratio is totally off. The line is long or and you’re waiting forever and the cashiers don’t call for more help. Or when you’re waiting in line and the cashier is chatting away with a customer. So, depending on the day I can be outright blunt or just stand there like most Canadians and be passive about it. Today was one of those days I was outright blunt.

I went to HomeSense to buy ONE thing. HomeSense is like HomeGoods in the USA and part of the TJ Max company. Anyway, I am standing in line and I wait and wait. One cashier is chatting away the other just finished with a customer and helps another employee with another customer who just walks in.

So I said out loud “Hello, there are people waiting here and you’re chatting away. I don’t got all day to buy ONE thing”.  The customer and employee look at me with their mouths wide open all shocked and the cashier responds telling me they’re chatting about business. YOU’RE chatting about duvets, I CAN HEAR YOU!! Buy the fuckin duvet and move on or go ask the sales rep on the floor about duvets, people are waiting to LEAVE!

Perhaps it was my inner child coming coming out “Hello, notice me, can you not see me??”. But I’m passed the stage, I did that crap in my 20’s. It’s about the horrible customer service at these stores. And trust me I know a lot about customer service. What kind of cap is that? that someone goes to a store and waits forever to buy something from THEIR store, that we’re giving them business but have to wait. It’s bullshit! But hey, they’re cashiers,I guess you don’t need any type of customer service skill or brains.  They don’t thing that people are waiting, maybe I should quit chatting. Or people are waiting maybe I should call for more help. Nooooooo! That’s too smart for them. Or supervisors/management need to schedule more employee’s. better or delegate.

A lot of times if I have to wait forever I put all my things at the side and walk out. But there are times I talk myself out of that and say “okay, I am here I might as well just say something about it and hopefully something is done.”

But here were are  customers, whether we call into a call centre or or walk into a store, pay for services and goods but have to wait to be served. What the hell is up with that???  Go to your mom and pop’s store because they appreciate customers much more than these big name stores.

Before I left, I said “Looks like you need to hire more people, I may know people who need a job.”.

Maybe I am writing this post because I feel cranky due to the fact that I fried chicken today and ate it and feel like a greasy nasty big fat butterball chicken right now. Because lately every Thursday I’ve been frying chickens. What am I insane?  THIS NEEDS TO STOP and NOW!

OR maybe it’s because my mouth is sore from my tooth being pulled out?

Oh yea, if you want to look young have sex daily. And that, obviously I am not doing, so I am looking old.

Masturbation does not count.


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