No subject blog entry

This blog is not all that exciting, just small stuff.

For some odd and fucked up reason I’ve been cooking fried goods lately, perhaps it’s the small T-Fal Fryer I recently got for another fucked up reason because I’m a health nut. And after I eat these heart attack foods that I cook up I can literally feel my arteries tightening up squeezing and pulling and squeezing and I begin to feel all sluggish. It’s a disgusting feeling, really . I saw a program some recipe for fried pickles and chicken, so I tried it out.  And it turns out, I am not the greatest cook or the recipe is not that great, because it wasn’t as good as those cooks made it to be..”mmmm,”, but again it’s a cooking show and besides those cooking shows with judges do you ever hear them say ‘damn that’s awful’, right?  The fried stuff, too greasy for my liking…so why did I do it??? Just wanted to change things up a bit, go wild and crazy, because god knows last time I was odd and crazy was in my 20’s and that involved toxic and deadly chemicals. Always the same old boring food. Gonna bring the fried veggies and pickles to family for this Passover dinner thing. Because today I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest when I was on the treadmill doing the highest incline and 3.4 speed. I have to say the gym downstairs isn’t the greatest.

Oh the recipe called for;  throw a chicken in a bag with with pickle juice, keep it in there for 2 hours to overnight. Take some flour, (I used whole wheat flour because after the vegetable oil and frying it I thought I could save some blood spike with whole wheat flour instead of regular flour) and butter milk and take that chicken and dump it into both, butter milk then flour obviously, and then bathe it in the fryer.  Then because there’s no more pickle juice in the jars, throw the pickles in the fryer too (it was nasty). It was zoo salty I gagged. And I only gag when I do one thing…ahem…anyway…

I have a nice elliptical which I had in my living room in my other place but since I’ve moved into a tiny ass condo, it’s sitting in my ‘den’ which I am currently using as a storage room. It’s getting better though. I’m removing the boxes and stuff .But until then it sits there.

Ever since moving into a smaller but more expensive place it took time to adjust. Especially the tiny bedroom, I am used to a 18’x14′ ft size room, this one is 13×11. I feel confined. I know that feeling all too well and I hate it. Brings back horrible memories. I shouldn’t be complaining about a condo to some jail cell. So, because I spoil my dogs, as they have  6 beds, yes you read correctly six beds for 2 dogs. It takes up a lot of floor space in my room. I treat my dogs very well and spoil them a lot because they’re amazing dogs. And everyday I am grateful for that. I do that with people too. I am very kind and giving to people I like, but piss me off and I’m a devil.

I don’t mind the living room and kitchen being smaller because it’s just my dogs and I, I just need new furniture since this new dig is a higher end place.  I was thinking of putting the elliptical machine which is 55″x 22″ inches into the living room but it will take up too much space and look odd and block the gorgeous view.

Just recently I listened to Madonna’s new album, of all the tracks there is only one I liked, ‘Girl Gone Wild’. The rest either have lyrics I couldn’t bear listening to or the tunes were just to my liking. Some of the songs sounded like other stuff. Speaking of Madonna, I know her secret to looking youthful. She does fullers. She injects her face with fullers, they’re about $1500 per session and they make your face more fuller and youthful and lasts about a year. In case, you want to do it. Me? I’ve been looking old lately. Lack of sex. Yup.

So, so far in case I’ve bored you I’ve touched on my new place, Madonna, spoiled dogs, and oh I like watching real estate shows; HouseHunters, Million Dollar Listing: New York, For Rent and Property Virgins. And having said all what I like you’d think I’m writing up an ad for some useless dating site. Maybe I should cut and paste.

If there’s more to add to my senseless and meaningless blog I will edit.

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