Sky High

Since there’s been a lot of things happening right now, I’ve not been active on my website. Posting articles of interest. TO be honest, why do I even have this site? It used to be some outlet of some sort. I used to post write blogs all the time.

I just moved into a new place. Before moving in here I was living in an old apartment building (built in the 60’s). Even though it was a big apartment it had a  lot of problems and I hated the owner, I was getting sick of the area too. I get bored easily. There were a lot of things that needed to be replaced and the owner bribed and would only replace the 1960’s sparkle counter top, and metal kitchen cabinets and nasty bathroom flooring if I signed another lease. I said HELL NO!

So I looked at about 150 different condos over 2 months in Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough and Markham area. I think I’ve spent about $500 in gas and drove about 2000 km’s or so in my car driving around searching for ‘that’ condo. I’ve met a lot of realtors, one was an asshole, the rest were nice. And have seen all shapes and sizes…condos. And I ended up here. I was about to move into one at the Lakeshore in the Mimico area more west side, but  as soon as I was ready to move in I backed out and cancelled the agreement. As I was about to move in, it was nearly impossible to move in. Security couldn’t arrange it with me, even tough they had a list of people moving in, I had to contact management but because it was a Thursday they turned off their phones and ignored the calls.

So, I called up the realtor and cancelled my lease and was refunded (it’s totally different when dealing with realtors than ordinary apartment buildings). Since he’s a licensed realtor he didn’t hesitate canceling it (if I filed a complaint with the real estate board he would of went through a lot of shit). But for some reason I think he knew that the management at that building was difficult to deal with.

Besides, the condo was on the 2nd floor facing the street and there was hardly if any any storage or cabinets. It was bigger than where I live now, I loved the den. But oh well. God didn’t think it was a good idea. He watches out for me. And that’s all I believe in, is god. So even though I backed out, I just wanted to know why I was given the run around. I managed to get in hold of the contact person who I left messages for and no calls were returned. And she made up all sorts of excuses, that she was sick. And I asked why did I speak to someone who said to call her but the voicemail had his voice on it and his number was forwarded to her voicemail, she couldn’t answer.  I feel sorry for anyone else who wants to move into that building, to go through the crap I did. Not like moving was stressful already.

But before all this, I actually had plans to move last year but held off until now. So for two months I actively looked for a new place, I searched and searched and searched, literally. The layouts and sizes of the units were not what I was looking for nor to my liking or the condo’s gave me a bad vibe (either the type of people who lived there, the fitness facilities, and the area were also factors). Some places were a jungle, over crowded with certain immigrants etc. So, since that condos are renting almost the same price as old bigger regular apartments built 50-60 years ago just like the one I was living at, why not rent a small ass condo which is newer, has amenities , washer/dryer.  They don’t’ build condo’s like they used to, 10 years ago when the demand wasn’t high condos were built much bigger. These days the new condos are so small they can be called walk in closets. Some owners rent out older condos with really nasty outdated appliances, old and apartment like quality like my previous old building, if they’re going to charge so much for it, at least upgrade but because the market value is at that price why not rent it out with what it’s going at, I don’t get that.

Developers will find the smallest piece of land  in Toronto and build a condo.. It seems like there’s a condo going up every day and everywhere, that corner beside the parking lot, behind the highway, literally feet away beside the highway??? I would drive by and notice that “Holy shit, that little space a condo is going up?? Wow.’ And they’re building them small and expensive. For example, where I live now, there’s a notice saying that developers are planning of building 2 new towers north of here. And I am like where, there’s only a small area between here and the other condos? I guess they’ll cut those tree’s down and find space.

I don’t get why someone would buy a condo. For someone to actually buy and live in a condo, in my opinion is stupid as opposed to buying and being a landlord. It’s a waste of money. Why would you buy a place that is not really yours? There are rules and regulations etc, condo fee’s. And all that. Naw. And for about  670 st feet it in this building it goes for $300,000.  If you go downtown Toronto price goes up to $400,00 or even $500,000 for even a smaller unit.

For once in a long time I have unobstructed view, I leave my blinds open without worrying who’s looking in. I walk around naked in the morning. I’m a very private person when it comes to my living space. When a stranger comes into my place I feel like they’re invading my space and I feel violated for some reason. Call me weird but hey, that’s me. It’s the freedom of enjoying your space without any building in front of you or having to shut the blinds all the time. And that’s hard to come by in Toronto since condos are being built everywhere. Well, that and the fact that I live on a very high floor, just going on to the balcony makes me dizzy. But my dogs love going out there, they love looking down through the glass.

But there’s one thing that I don’t like, well, two. The fact that I am directly above the highway so every time I open the balcony door or window it sounds like a beehive. And two, the bedroom is tiny.

So it took a few days to adjust, I no longer live in an old building with king kong above me who kept on shaking the ceiling when he walked.  The area is very nice and the condo isn’t overcrowded like the other’s I’ve been to. The management have been try helpful and accommodating  and I was able to schedule my move in with the security!!

Without bragging, I think having a ensuite washer/dryer in your own place is a luxury. Loooove it!! There’s also a dishwasher but I rarely use it. Funny, a couple of weeks ago I went to Costco to buy those dishwasher tablets, 190 of them. I bring them home and I said to myself? Why? I rarely do the dishes they will last for years. I am used to, and I won’t break my habit of washing the dishes after I used them. It’s only me, I don’t have a family here. Waste of washer and energy consumption.

I have very different neighbors here. My next door, literally next door neighbor, the cute guy, probably thinks I am a snob because I rarely say Hi. Nothing personal. I have my moments. I can be overly friendly, depends on the person. My neighbor down the halls is also very friendly. The chinese lady, she’s an older lady, I see her husband all the time in the gym downstairs.

Well, that’s it for now. Gotta put the wet laundry in the dryer.

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