Canada’s Health Care: “If it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.” (edit)

I’ve managed to get an urgent appointment with a neurologist since voicing my concern. But really, do patients have to fight the system? I’ve heard enough stories that made me take action to seek further consultation. My condition may be something that will go away or maybe it’s something that’s serious. I cannot function without taking some type of pain killer such as Aleve or Tylenol and for me, it’s not the norm. The moral of the story  is stand up and speak up, and fight the system!

I must of been tired and stressed that day.

When I bent down to put on my dogs harnesses on ( I don’t use collars around neck cruelty thing), I hit my head hard against an entrance piece in my apartment.

It was so hard hit that I had a big huge bump on my forehead.

Days after I started to feel nauseous  and dizzy all the time. Then it got worse. I went to my doctor and she recommended that I go to the Emergency at a hospital to get a CT Scan because if she were to schedule it, it could take a couple weeks. When I don’t feel right it’s my body trying to tell me to do something about it. But Canada’s health care system  is a joke.

I went to the Emergency and I waited and waited and waited for 4 hours. It wasn’t busy, I’ve seen it much more busy. I was there from 2:45pm to 7pm then from 9:30 to 11:30pm. At 6 pm after waiting 3.5 hours I was finally taken into the Purple Zone at Sunnybrook Hospital. They have different zones depending on your condition.

I then waited some more and they took me to bed. I asked the rude clerk how long more did I have to wait I’ve been waiting for 4 hours. She gave me attitude and said something rude, so I reacted and said “Don’t you forget it’s people like me, taxpayers that pay your salary.”

I was finally seen by some doctor, from what I’ve seen he’s either a crappy doctor or just finished his degree and became a doctor.

He scheduled for a CT Scan, I asked how long will it take for me to get it. He said it could take an hour and half. I said I had to go and come back and couldn’t wait that long because my dogs had to be taken out, it was already 630pm and I take them out at 5pm. I am not into animal cruelty by making them suffer as they’ve not been taken out since 830am. Most people don’t get it.

The doctors timing was way off and within 2 minutes I was taken to get a CT Scan.

When it was all done, I couldn’t wait for the results. I said I had to leave and come back. After they hesitated, I left. They were supposed to have me sign a release form so they won’t be reliable for anything that could happen to me. But they didn’t. No Surprise.

At 8:30pm I called in for the results and the doctor explained in medical terms what the results showed. Something about me having an artifact in my head and that there’s “unlikely” bleeding.  UNLIKELY??? So if it’s unlikely why don’t they have me take more tests? The doctor was not supposed to provide me results over the phone, but he did.

But I decided to drive all the way back to the hospital to pick up the results to give to my doctor.

I got there and told that bitchy nurse which I later learned gave trouble to my family the day my grandfather died at the same hospital. I was feeling like shit and waited some more. I saw the doctor walk in and she didn’t even tell him I wanted the results. So I went in and asked her if she did. She went on a bitchy fit and complained to her co-workers about me “This guy was here earlier left and came back…”and whatever else, I heard her complaining in the room beside me.

Are you fuckin’ serious??? Was it so hard to give me a sheet of paper and out I went? Or does she have no life and likes to cause a stir for no real reason. If it was me, I would be like here’s the results, bye. But she’s obviously likes to make other people’s life difficult.

Then I saw her tell the doctor I was waiting. He said too bad.

I waited some more. and more and more. At 11:30 I finally went in and he handed my results.

I felt like I was in a prison. That’s how they treat people in prison.

I then asked for that clerk’s name and he said “I don’t know who you talking about, sorry”.

The next day I called and asked the name of that bitch, the asked some facilitator for her name, she said she’ll find out and call me back. She never called me back.

Then I got creative and called again and spoke to some airhead guy and said “hi ,I was there yesterday and and dealt with some darker skinned woman with tight curls I just want to get her name because I want to compliment her he said “oh Pam??” yea her…I’ll transfer  you to the woman with the tight you go”…

I was told I was to get a call back about my complaint. No one called me back.

My doctor hasn’t recommended further tests. Even thought I’ve been feeling really ill. Last night I was awakened by sharp pains in the bottom of my mouth. I’ve been feeling faint and I need to take anvil all the time. I never need to. I don’t get headaches ever. How I feel seems surreal because I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve been feeling this way for 3 weeks now.

I’ve made an appointment with my mother’s doctor for Monday.

I know of 3 people who have died because of the doctors who were slow to react nor diagnose you correctly.

Our health care system motto should be “If your time to go, it’s your time to go.”

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