Bell Mobility’s Customer Service is one of the worst (edited)

Edit: Recently I emailed the Toronto Star and recommended that they do an article on Bell Mobility and their business practices, consumer awareness on wireless accounts and how it’s reported to the credit bureau.

 Bell Mobility reported my closed account right away to the credit bureau. That is simply wrong. I check my credit all the time and I keep track of what’s on it and when creditors report things. For example my Ford car loan and credit cards reported new account 1 month after I had it opened. Bell Mobility reported my new account right away. There’s a return policy and customers of such have to wait until that return policy expires, in most cases 30 days max.

Anytime you open an account and close it when reported to the credit bureau it brings down your FICO score drastically. That’s why when you get a credit card and don’t want to use it, just keep it open don’t close it. Even if it’s at zero balance. Opening and closing accounts is damaging to your credit.

A day after I emailed the Toronto Star I received a reply by a reporter and they forwarded my email to the Vice President of Bell. Who emailed me and said they will rectify the situation.  A day after I received that email I received a phone call from their head office at 9am on a Saturday and asked me if it was a bad time to talk?? they promised that they will remove the account from Equifax.

Why do customers need to go through all this? A long with other stresses in life do customers need to write to the local newspaper to get something done by thee organizations you give your hard earned money to? When you expect good service you don’t get any but they expect you to pay on time and if you don’t you’re cut off. And when you want to cut them off you have to pay a penalty for ending the contract early. Perhaps Bell reacted so quickly because they’ve been getting a bad rap lately. Besides getting wireless service shouldn’t these companies, that without customers, provide the service customers deserve? Is that too much to ask for? Well, judging from what I’ve experienced, it sure is.


In recent years I’ve dealt with different wireless phone companies, so you can say that I know the standard policies and procedures.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a wireless cell phone from Bell Mobility. A couple of days later it arrived so I was so eager to open the box and start using it. I opened the box and surprise! it was the wrong phone. So I called Bell Mobility and spoke to what was supposed to be a ‘customer service’ representative. Customer Service is all relative. But due to recent experiences I will call them “person just answering the phone-I-know-squat about customer service- rep’.

I told the woman on the phone that the wrong phone was shipped to me and that I will be returning it back in the box with the return label enclosed. The woman put me on hold,  I waited and waited and waited for about 20 minutes. She did not return. Maybe she had the shits and had to run the toilet? Maybe she took a break? Nothing surprises me at Bell. If she were to research the answer or had to transfer me somewhere she didn’t  come back on line to inform me nor did she have the courtesy to say “sorry to keep you holding for so long, I am still researching this for you and will return shortly”. Now trust me, I know a lot about customer service I used to be a rep for many years at a different company and know everything about providing excellence in customer service. So perhaps I have high expectations on what to expect as a customer.  After this ordeal, Bell Mobility’s customer service is the one of the worst I dealt with and I am a customer like many other people with various companies.

So I hung up and called again and repeated myself to a man on the phone, he said “Oh, just return it with the label inside and we’ll take care of the rest”. So I did just that. I didn’t even put the battery in the phone just for curiosity I didn’t want the phone. So there was no usage, no issue.

Two days later I checked the tracking # on CanadaPost’s website  and it showed delivered. on December 20th. 1 week later I got a bill and today I called and explained the situation for the 3rd time to a woman on the phone.  I was very nice, calm and collective. Well…that all changed 10 minutes later when I lost my cool due to what I call intolerance to stupid incompetent people.

She was arguing with me and told me that I should of returned it back to the Bell store. I said, why would I return it to the Bell Store, you guys shipped it to me, it MUST be returned to the fulfillment centre, not a store!! She then said “Well, I don’t understand why you would open another account and not just exchange it. I said because I didn’t want to wait for another phone actually the wrong phone to be sent out again so I went to FutureShop (for those who don’t know, they’re just the same as BestBuy in Canada) and got the phone I wanted. She said you should of returned it there.

I said to her “YOU’RE JOKING, RIGHT??” Tell me you’re joking. I DID NOT GET THE PHONE FROM FUTURESHOP NOR THE BELL STORE.  Something is wrong with you, are you on medication (sounding a lot like Judge Judy suddenly)??? Because something is clearly wrong with you! You’re not getting this, it’s not rocket science!!!!”

So I demanded a supervisor and 10 mins after putting me hold she came back and said “I spoke to my supervisor and I need to transfer you to a different department”. I said Holy shit man, go, transfer me, I should of been transferred ages ago! But if she were trained and monitored this wouldn’t of happened.

Another 15 mins later a woman comes on, and I had to tell her my information all over again for the 4th time. A good representative would of relayed everything so the customer wouldn’t repeat themselves for the 10th time, it felt like that 10th time. But nooooo, she didn’t do that. So I thought to myself okay this woman is going to take care me because the previous representative ‘s supervisor told her what to do.


After explaining for the 4th time, all I heard this representative say was “Oh Wow….”, “….oh wow, I can’t believe it”…. “Oh wow…”.   Then after the ‘”Oh WoW’s” she said “I’m going to put you on hold.’ So I was put on hold for the 10th time. She came back and said “Hi Joey, I’ve got Alex on the phone and he’s gonna help you”. I said “What!!! I thought your oh wow’s meant this was going to be resolved by you? That’s what the transfer was for.

SO, this other rep put me on hold 3 times came back and reassured me and said everything will be taken care when they confirm it’s been returned.

So then I sent an email to their  so-called bullshit  ‘Executive Office’ and today someone called me back

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from “Anonymous’ and left a message with his extension. I called him back, entered the extension not once but 4 times and the system kept saying “Sorry no extension exists”. I then forced myself to call in their ‘I’m here to answer calls and know nothing about customer service’ reps and the rep didn’t want to provide me with a direct line for this person who called me from the Executive office. Surprise! He put me on hold because as we know by now Bell’s reps love to put you on hold 10x and for a long time, he comes back and said I will email his co-worker who then tell him to call you.

I am sorry, but am I calling CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)??? Why is everything so secretive and difficult to accomplish?

Later I received his phone call, and from the beginning of the call all he only addressed was the fact that phone return will be processed but due to the holidays and the “high rate of returns”, it was not processed accordingly. Nothing about the crappy customer service and the ordeal their reps put me through. I told him, wait a second here! You only think the cell phone is an issue here? Wow. You are not even addressing the bigger issue here. And then I said Listen, because of the way I was treated, I will be also canceling my second line, I will pay the ‘$600 Early Cancellation Fee/Data We want to Screw You Fee’ just NOT to deal with your company again. So I want that cancelled and account closed as well. It’s a huge insult when your crappy company thinks customers have nothing better to do then be on the phone for 1.5 hours and go through what I did. And I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU THAT YOU WORK FOR CRAPPY BELL!!! he said “No need to get personal”. I laughed and said yes there is, look what I was put though! But it hasn’t sunk in your brain and your customer service standards are so low, it’s pathetic.

It’s a good life and there’s a sun through those clouds you know.

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  1. Elif · May 15, 2012

    Hi Joey:
    Can you please e-mail me the Toronto Star reporter as I am in the same situation with Bell. I got over $3,000 dollar mobility bill last month. Called them more than 11 times for the last 20 days and try to speak and solve this billing issue. Nobody is calling me back. Worst customer service ever I have seen. Also sent e-mails to 2 VP’s of Bell, no response yet. I was told my next bill will be over $11,000!!!!!. Are they kidding me? I want to share my story with Toronto Star. Thanks for your help. Elif

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