Toys of the Past

  1. Okay I must admit I had most of these toys and when I saw the Speak and Spell toy I felt like a child again, wow, I loved that toy. And I remember when the kids on our street went to Consumers Distributing, a store of the 80’s in Canada and no longer exists. Boys and Girls got the Cabbage Patch Kid I even remember the exact doll, it was a blond curly hair I found a lost red hair girl Cabbage Patch doll at the Toronto Islands, I felt like I did a good thing rescuing her from the garbage. I was a kid,
    Classic Toys: Then and Now
  2. Nerf Balls, 1970
  3. Nerf, Today
  4. Speak & Spell, 1978
  5. Speak & Spell, Today
  6. My Little Pony, 1983
  7. My Little Pony, Today
  8. Care Bears, 1984
  9. Care Bears, Today
  10. Cabbage Patch Kids, 1985
    • We begged and pleaded, wrote letters to Santa, and rummaged around in hall closets to see if we could find it—the hot holiday toy of the moment. Before the seasonal shopping mania fully sets in, take a look back with Snakkle at some of the hottest holiday toys of the past 40 years.
  1. NERF BALLS, 1970 – The scientific name for this famous orange material is Non-Expanding Recreational Foam (NERF). In 1970, the Monkees proclaimedthat the balls couldn’t hurt anything, and verified this by monkeying around indoors.(Buy | Search)

  2. NERF, TODAY — Nerf was a (very gentle) hit right off the (squishy) bat. From foam arrows to bazookas to trademark orange footballs, Nerf is still soaring through your living room, a little too close to the lamp.(Buy | Search)

  3. SPEAK & SPELL, 1978 — The handle. The keys. The ubiquitous primitive computer voice. After its peak in 1978, Speak & Spell became the last word in learning disguised as a toy. There was also a Speak & Math version, but you couldn’t spell swears on that one, so who wanted it?(Buy | Search)

  4. SPEAK & SPELL, TODAY — Sadly, the Speak & Spell is no more. Technology has progressed beyond yellow keypads, and anyone who is anyone on the playground today has an iPad. You kids may be 4G, but you’ll never have the glory of ’80s robot voice!(Buy | Search)

  5. MY LITTLE PONY, 1983 — Girls and boys, you haven’t really lived until you’ve brushed the nylon hair on a plastic pony. Another ’80s classic, Applejack here is just one of many with the original uniquely designed hindquarters. Collect them all? You bet we did.(Buy | Search)

  6. MY LITTLE PONY, TODAY — Out with the butt apples, and in with the tats and eyeliner! Although they’ve always had a strong cult following, My Little Ponies are experiencing something of a resurgence lately. This is probably because if you don’t buy them, the 2011 special edition pictured above will come to your house and beat you up.(Buy | Search)

  7. CARE BEARS, 1984 — In the ’80s, you could measure a friend’s worth by the amount of Care Bears arranged on their bed. Like most popular toys in this era, Care Bears had their own animated television show and even a few movies. They were originally introduced in 1981 as characters on American Greetings cards, along with sweet sister Strawberry Shortcake.(Buy | Search)

  8. CARE BEARS, TODAY — Care Bears made a comeback 2007, starring in a new TV show and movie and appearing on lots of ironic baby tees on twentysomethings. This spongy gal is called a Care Bear “Splish Splasher” and is advertised as beach- and bath-friendly, something the old ones were not. Sadly. As we found out the hard way as kids.(Buy | Search)

  9. CABBAGE PATCH KIDS, 1985 — Introduced in the late ’70s, these little orphans became a hot Christmas item in the mid-1980s. If you were a kid back then, chances are you were regaled with the harrowing tale of how your mom elbowed someone in the face for the very last one.(Buy | Search)

  10. CABBAGE PATCH KIDS, TODAY — It’s amazing what a good straightening iron and an A-line dress can do, am I right? These days, kids from the Cabbage Patch come sans yarn hair and giant bloomers and have more modern accessories.(Buy | Search)

  11. SUPER SOAKER, 1990 — Possibly the greatest invention in the world at the time, Super Soakers introduced the water-balloon generation to a much less labor-intensive way of drenching someone. It was pure glory—until those last few pumps before the tank ran out! Of course, it didn’t hurt that Michael Jackson was a big fan.(Buy | Search)

  12. SUPER SOAKER, TODAY — If you think it looked menacing before, watch out for the neighborhood Super Soaker water-cannon militias forming in a city near you. Like its brother Nerf, Super Soaker has gotten bigger and badder over the years. Except you definitely shouldn’t use Super Soakers inside.(Buy | Search)

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