Stupid Toronto Drivers

I am losing my patience with Toronto drivers. They’re either purposely trying to get into an accident or downright stupid. I’ve posted a few examples previously, another two today both in parking lots.

As I was leaving Costco and backing out of my parking space, here comes a woman driving didn’t want to stop as she tried to grab my parking spot, all because it was a few spots beside the entrance, she didn’t’ even give me a chance to turn away. I opened my window and yelled at her “Fuckin’ wait til I am out of the spot you dumbtwat!!!” It may sound like I am an asshole but I only am towards idiots like that. I am not one to crosshairs with.

Then at another parking lot, I was backing out of the parking spot and some woman on her cell phone saw me backing out but didn’t want to move her car she just stopped her wreck behind my car and because I couldn’t be bothered, even though she was right behind me I was able to leave my spot without confronting her. I didn’t want waste my energy with another idiot.

This happens daily, Toronto is getting worse and worse. People are getting worse and worse. And only in time I will move out of this city. Too many dumbtwats running around with their heads cut off.

Fuckin’ Canadians! Or shall I say Immigrants.

And it’s been in the news recently that people purposely try to get into an accident and commit insurance fraud. Of course these are the people who drive around wrecks.

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