The Good and Bad in Everything

Let’s see, I haven’t posted a blog in awhile, this will be a short one.

As I get older and wiser what I’ve learned about myself is the difference on how I handle situations and life in general.

Today, I parked my car on a busy street (Yonge St) while I went to my dentists appointment. Toronto is one of the worse places to drive. People here either don’t know how to drive or they’re afraid to.

One hour later as I left the building to my car I noticed a broken piece of  plastic chrome on the ground. Then I looked at my car and realized it was from my car, the entire driver’s side mirror was damaged and hanging. Then I see a post card on my windshield with Canada Post written on it, it was one of those delivery cards. And I am saying to myself, is this for real because why would someone leave a delivery card, I had bad sleep last night so my brain was working %100.  I picked it up and it was a note from a Canada Post employee telling me he witnessed the car that took off my side mirror and the make and model of the car and his phone #.

I immediately called my insurance to report it then I called the number on the card to thank him for giving me information on the hit and run. He said he wondered if anyone would of called him, I said of course I would, he did a good thing. Not too many people would of done that. Especially in Toronto. Because really, Torontorians just suck. They’re the worse drivers and are too consumed in their own world.

So, I made the situation into a positive one. An asshole damaged my car but a good person witnessed it and left me details. Besides, what’s the point to be angry? It could of been much worse. and even if it was worse, that’s what insurance is for. I am one of those types that likes to get things done right away, so after driving far to report the damage to the Collision Reporting Centre with police my car is now being repaired and needs a day, in the meantime I have a car rental til tomorrow, a big fat ass Sonata, it’s like a boat. Not complaining, just being critical. Comforts me that I got the Fusion and not the Sonata.

So all, lesson here is being angry and pissed off doesn’t help the situation it just makes it worse.

And I am too tired to write anymore, I had a long day.

Gonna watch HouseHunters International before bed.


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