Freddie Mercury Reincarnated as This Guy

I would of posted this in the video section but since I am a huge Freddie Mercury fan I put in the featured section because this guy could easily be a reincarnated Freddie Mercury, he’s just amazing!!! There’s also another Canadian in the contest who sings awesome as well, but I think this guy has got it!

To celebrate his rock band’s 40th anniversary, Queen drummer Roger Taylor is offering singers across North America the chance to upload a video to QueenExtravaganza for a chance to ditch their day job and become a rock star. It’s not the most rock n’ roll thing a band can do when hoping to replace the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury, but thems the times we live in, kids.

One entrant submitted a video of himself singing “Somebody to Love,” and it’s pretty much safe to say the contest is over. This dude’s so good he can be accused of lip syncing.

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