Jenny fakes the block? J-Lo’s Fiat 500 ad causes a stir

Jenny from the block? Not so fast. A new TV spot featuring the singer/actress is causing a bit of a stir.

They do this in Hollywood all the time. How many movies were shot in Toronto as if it was NYC??? Big deal!

Jennifer Lopez’s starring role in Fiat’s latest commercials for the Fiat 500 have come under question after a report from the Smoking Gun suggests she used a body double.

The ad features the singer/actress driving a Fiat 500 Cabrio as she takes in the sights in the Bronx, where she grew up. The minute-long spot, dubbed “My World”, explores how life in the New York City borough continues to inspire her to be “tougher, to stay sharper and to think faster,” her voice-over says in the ad.

But not everything is as it seems. It turns out J-Lo actually couldn’t be bothered to return to the Bronx for this shoot, according to the report.

The Smoking Gun report claims a Lopez look-alike was hired to drive around New York City’s poorest borough while the real J-Lo was filmed inside the Fiat 500 in Los Angeles. A production studio then merged the shots with computer-generated images to make it appear as if Lopez was actually driving around the Bronx streets.

You wouldn’t be able to tell by just watching the ad, though. The well-polished TV spot managed to fool scores of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal.

But really, should this kind of digital fakery come as a surprise to anyone these days?

Despite the aggressive advertising campaign, sales of the 500 have fallen far short of Chrysler’s expectations so far this year. The carmaker had hoped the Fiat 500 would help boost its sales of small cars, an area where its offerings had lagged behind those of other automakers.

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