Madonna’s leaked new music single for preschoolers

Madonna’s single “Give Me All Your Love” leaked yesterday, and perhaps to diehard fans it sounds like synthed-up angels singing hallelujahs.
For many of us though, it’s more like the musical equivalent of a bouquet of hydgrangeas. Madonna and manager Guy Oseary quickly responded that the leak was merely a demo and that completed versions of her new tracks won’t be released officially until the new year. That said, if this is the musical direction, Madonna is taking, it’s not a good omen. Hear the track — and our take on it — here:

If you’re in the Chicago area and are a Madonna fan, she will be on Rosie’s show in December or January.

It would be safe to say that listening to this song MADONNA YOUR MUSIC CAREER IS OVER..O-V-E-R!. Because if this is any indication on what her new album will sound like, she’s embarrassing herself. But so were ‘American Life’ and  ‘Hard Candy’ both of which were crappy albums.


  1. Dom Capuano Composer · November 10, 2011

    is this the real Give me all your love?

    • JoeyDavid · November 10, 2011

      The question is, Is Madonna for real for even thinking about releasing a song this horrible.

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