Condo here, condo there, condos everywhere in Toronto (239 being built as of today’s post)

Yes, we all know that Toronto is a city rife with building construction—but wait until you see just how much.
I keep complaining that the city is building a condo at every corner they can find, here’s the proof…but it’s more than that. Do we really need so many condos? NOOOOO We do not! There are currently 239 condos in construction and this does not include construction sites that have been set up but not in construction yet.

Toronto is growing up, not out. As Edward Keenan wrote in this week’s cover story for The Grid about CityPlace, there are more condo towers being built here than in any other city in the world. But that’s not all: there are dozens upon dozens of highrise construction sites all across Toronto, for everything from new hospitals to new office towers.

So where’s all of that building taking place, anyway, other than at the foot of Spadina?

The Grid decided to find out. Using data from the City of Toronto, we mapped every active seven-storey-or-higher building project in the city—a jaw-dropping 239 in total. (The map includes every location for which there is an active building permit or shoring permit, so long as those permits were issued between January 1, 2005, and October 31, 2011. Some buildings that are planned or have been announced may not be listed, if on-site work hasn’t yet begun.)

At a glance, one thing’s clear: while construction is mostly concentrated downtown, it’s far from limited to it. Plenty of new buildings are coming up along Sheppard Avenue, the mouth of the Humber River, near Bloor and Kipling, and along Queen West before it dips to meet Dufferin. Far be it from us to spoil the fun, though; have a look and see yourself.

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