Same-Sex Penguins labeled gay

(edited) This is what I know of this, whenever you put people or animals in a situation where they’re confined, they will bond. I have two examples; incarceration. Straight men who were “straight” before incarceration will bond with other males and even engage in sexual acts and establish close relationships. When they leave prison they’re back to their straight lifestyle, that’s if they were straight before they were incarcerated.

And example  two, I have two male dogs which I rescued from the shelter separately from two different shelters, months apart, concidiently they’re the same age. Obviously they didn’t incubate an egg nor raise pups together but they bond as if they’re lovers. They eat together, play together, sleep together, pee together, yes you read correctly they pee together,  I have to separate them when I see them both at the same pole or tree peeing at the same time or else they’ll pee on each other. Many times you’ll see my smaller dog Scooby  lick Osker’s face and Osker just lays there. But like the penguins they don’t have a sexual relationship. They’re companions. They’re not gay. They can bond without being gay.

See, the thing with society is this, it’s acceptable for two females to have close relationships but when two men do it, they’re labeled gay. Get real, people!

TORONTO – Canada’s newest celebrity couple is headed for a breakup and the Internet is all abuzz.

It seems everybody wants to know what the real story is between Pedro and Buddy, the Toronto Zoo’s same-sex penguin sweethearts.

So the next time you see two guys walk down the sidewalk, shop or drive doesn’t mean they’re having a sexual relationship. TWO MALES CAN BOND! That’s society for ya!

The two male African penguins, who came to the zoo about a year ago from Toledo, appear to have eyes only for each other. According to zoo workers, they swim together and share the nest they built.

But since the penguins are an endangered species, zoo officials plan to separate Pedro and Buddy so they can mate with females.

Tom Mason, the zoo’s curator of birds and invertebrates, says the birds have what’s known as a “social bond” but it’s not necessarily a sexual one.

“They have one another’s backs,” he said.

Mason admits some surprise at the attention the story has garnered around the world but adds: “People have a very strong tendency to anthropomorphize things.”

“They try to think of penguins as humans — and they’re not.”

The story of the same-sex pair has gone viral on the web, leading to cheeky YouTube videos and scandalous headlines.

“Tough love: Toronto Zoo to separate ‘gay’ penguin couple” TIME’s website announced. From came “Birds of a feather? Zoo to split up same-sex penguin pair” while The Telegraph in Calcutta called it “The love that dare squawk its name.”

Late-night TV comics were also jumping into the icy waters of penguin passion. Jimmy Kimmel riffed on the story during a recent monologue, calling it “Brokeback Iceberg” and claiming the lovebirds were spotted at a Lady Gaga concert.

The zoo has been inundated with hundreds of calls about the popular pair. Mason said he even got a call from someone claiming to represent the Canadian Society for Gay Animals.

But it’s really not the way it looks, Mason said Wednesday.

“Penguins are so social they need that … company. And the group they came from was a bachelor group waiting for a chance to be paired up with females.”

“(Buddy and Pedro) had paired up there, they came to us already paired and it’s our job to be match-makers to get them to go with some females,” he said.

Buddy, who is 21, had a female partner for 10 years and produced some offspring but his partner died, Mason said. Pedro, 10, has yet to produce offspring.

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  1. Georgia · November 9, 2011


    Interesting point about your dogs, and about close female friendships versus close male ones—I hadn’t really thought of it from that point of view, and it’s interesting to consider it. I thought you might like this Newsy video (link edited) about the couple, as it goes into depth about the relationship between the two, and the reactions that the public has had to the story—overwhelmingly that the two penguins are ‘gay.’

    Keep up the great blog!

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