‘Absolutely Fabulous’ (AbFab) Movie in the works!

‘Ab Fab’ fans, including myself, rejoice! They’re back!!! And on the big screen.  They’re the hilarious and brilliant female comedy act from England. Back in my wild days I looked up to these women.

The booze-fueled misadventures of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone will be getting the big-screen treatment.

Jennifer Saunders, who plays substance-gobbling PR agent Monsoon on the BBC series “Absolutely Fabulous,” has revealed her intention to begin writing a movie version of the TV comedy next year.

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In an interview with British newspaper the Times (via Digital Spy), the 53-year-old actress enthused, “I want to write ‘Ab Fab: The Movie.’ We’d have so much fun, and I’ve thought of a really nice idea.”

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So what sort of bleary-eyed high jinks might Edina and Patsy get into during their feature-film excursion?

“We thought it would be hilarious if [Edina and Patsy] went to a party on an oligarch’s yacht, got drunk, fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the ocean,” Saunders offered. “Everyone else has left, and the ship has been moved on.”

The series, known affectionately as “Ab Fab” by its fans, has seen a resurgence of late. In addition to the potential film, three “Absolutely Fabulous” TV specials are in the works. Co-produced by BBC America and Logo, the specials will essentially pick up where the series left off, according to a BBC press release.

“Eddy PR’d things. She was into every new fad and fashion imaginable and was often to be found at the bottom of a champagne glass, actually more likely a bottle. Not much has changed,” the BBC noted. “Her best friend Patsy worked in magazines and lived the high life. She still does.”

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