This site originated in 2004 on the free site , then in 2007 I took my blogging to and 4 1/2 years later in November 2011 moved over here.

My main purpose back then was to post blogs of myself, my struggles, adventures and everything else in my wild years a very different time in my life. Back then I posted everything about me, everything now is private. I didn’t have any boundaries. I was limitless. It was also during a time where I went down a spiral path of destruction.  I reached rock bottom but like many, many times in the past I picked myself up and carried on and each time I did so I learned, grew and gained some wisdom.  I’ve learned so much through out the years about myself and about life.

Some people change, others don’t. I’m one of those who have changed. A re-invention, of some sort.

When I look back it seems surreal, I was a totally different person in so many ways.  Perhaps it was a 20’s phase some people go through when they’re in their 20’s. When I hit the 30’s everything seemed to change. The terms logic and reason comes easy now and so does the coping with life’s challenges.

These days I try to live life young and with a youthful spirit.

November 2011 will mark 6 years of sobriety. Miraculously I’ve accomplished this without medication or therapy but by strength, determination, and will. And in simple terms a switch that has been turned off. I don’t recommend anyone doing it this way because there are underlying issues for any type of addiction whether it being food, sex, drugs, alcohol etc, therapy is imperative for a successful recovery. But somehow for me I just ceased and desisted.

This website is just a little pastime I have, to come on here and post all sorts of things. I get the material by researching and by people who send stuff to me.

I think you can dig and find lots of history here.

Educate, Enlighten, Entertain.


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