What NOT to buy used

A few months ago when I bought a new Queen size mattress my landlord saw me put my Double size mattress in the garbage so my landlord at the time asked me if I still wanted it (who said landlords have to be smart) I said well, it’s in the garbage so no I don’t.  But then said to me, “oh Okay cause I know someone who wants it”.  I said “Knock yourself out”. It’s not like I’ve been having wild sex or orgies on it or anything. It was a clean because I use mattress pads to protect it, same like I use pillow covers aside from pillow sheets. But it (mattress) became uncomfortable and I needed to upgrade to a Queen size. Positive thinking, perhaps to share with a future partner?


Everybody loves a great deal—and often, buying things “used” or “slightly used” can save money without sacrificing quality or value. But some second-hand purchases should be avoided in the name of health, safety, or plain old return on investment. Following are eight products that are best bought new.


Did you know drop-side cribs have been recalled altogether and are no longer recommended? With safety guidelines changing almost every year, it’s really best to buy a new crib. If you buy used, you are potentially are purchasing a recalled or improperly installed crib. For the safety of your baby, when it comes to baby furniture—particularly cribs—go new. Plenty of stores have affordable options including Babies “R” Us and IKEA.


It might be tempting to buy a used television instead of dropping the cash for a brand new model—but we suggest you fight the urge. Used TVs don’t come with any warranty and become outdated more quickly as new technologies hit the market. Your better bet is to wait for a blowout sale at your local electronics store and buy last year’s model on sale.


Quality mattresses are good for eight to10 years. But when you a buy a used one, it’s difficult to know how old it really is. Not to mention, cleaning a mattress is no easy task. So, you can assume the previous owner didn’t spend too much time scrubbing it—leaving you with years of sleep sweat and other remnants you’d probably like to rest without.

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Digital Cameras
Have you ever owned a digital camera that you didn’t drop at least once? Neither has anyone else—which means if you buy one used, it’s been dropped at some point. Avoid costly repairs that might not set in right away by doing some research and buying new. There are a bunch of point-and-shoot digital cameras on the market right now full of cool features that won’t break the bank.


Technologies change so frequently on laptops, it only takes a few years before a new model is out of date. You’ll already be starting behind the pack if you buy one used. Plus, like digital cameras, you’ll have no idea of previous use and abuse.

Yes, it’s random but think about it: when you buy a used hat, you are inheriting sweat, skin conditions, and leftovers. Doesn’t that convince you to spend a few extra bucks for a stylish new hat?
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Though sticking with new makeup might seem like common sense, many women give away makeup to friends after trying something and not liking it. And while it might be fun to test out that hand-me-down eyeliner or lip gloss, it’s more hygenic buy your own. Sharing even the prettiest eye makeup is a surefire way to spread eye infections (particularly pink eye!) and used lip products are a breeding ground for common colds or even cold sores. Most make up should be tossed after six months anyway.

Car Seats
When it comes to your child’s safety, no piece of baby gear is more important than the car seat. And with frequent recalls and constantly updating safety guidelines, it’s important to buy new. Each year, car seat technology improves. And with new models available for as little as $75, you’re really not saving that much money if you get one used.

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