Pot growers get more jail time than pedophiles in Canada

This just shows that the Conservative government priorities are screwed. Who are they trying to protect here? How is this tough on crime? Pot growers are a threat to society? I don’t smoke pot nor do drugs, but this compared to those committing crimes against children? Are you fuckin kidding me?

I am sorry, but sexually assaulting a toddler is far much worse then growing pot, you dumbtwats!!

Perhaps they were on pot when drafting the crime bill?

I don’t care what taxes the Provincial government added to Ontario (HST and Hydro), there will never be a time I will vote for Conservatives. In this upcoming election next week in Ontario ( who have nothing to do with the crime bill) Liberals will get my vote and I will make sure family votes for them too. I am not going to force them, but convince them, obviously.

Tough-on-crime Americans are shocked our new omnibus crime bill gives more jail time to pot growers than pedophiles.

Care2, a large online social action network with almost 17 million followers, posted a blog Thursday about one of the more peculiar elements of the legislation.

Writer Cathryn Wellner picked up on a story from the Vancouver Province that reported under the bill a person growing 201 pot plants in a rental unit would receive a longer mandatory sentence than someone who sexually assaults a toddler.

“If you’re contemplating a life of crime in Canada, now is the time to switch from growing marijuana plants to preying on children,” wrote Wellner.

“After years of having his crime bills defeated by the opposition, Stephen Harper is on the verge of getting his revenge. Never mind that the crime rate has been steadily dropping. Forget the failed experiment in tougher sentencing in the U.S., where the cost of incarceration is so great even conservatives are calling for reform.

“Harper promised to get tough on crime, and he plans to keep his word even if the social and economic costs far outweigh the benefits.”

Readers of the article were just as unkind to our prime minister as Wellner.

“That’s rediculously (sic) stupid. it proves how incompitent (sic) people can be. Raping someone is far worse than having a smoke,” commented Averie K. from Sioux City, Iowa.  “I’m not for marijuana, but I’m far more against rapists!”

“Learn from Amerika’s (sic) mistakes! Don’t do this! You will run your country into the ground!!!!!!!!” wrote Britin J. from Anchorage, Alaska.

And finally, Victoria M. from Poulsbo from Washington D.C., kept her comment simple and to the point.

“Idiocy,” she wrote.