Madonna’s SEX book tops most wanted book

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was only 17 years old, that was when I first became a Madonna fan. In 1992, I bought four of the SEX books, two English editions than weeks later the French versions at the World Biggest BookStore in downtown Toronto. It was only $60.  One of the English versions I dismantled and put it on my wall. I bought rope and made a whip, and bought chains and made a display on my wall. I was one nut job. But you gotta give me credit for being creative.

The CD that came with it, ‘Erotica’ actually scared me at the time.

I still have 2 Unopened and 1 opened English version.

People are selling them on Amazon for $400 and up for New and $100 for Used.

Useless Info; Madonna originally wanted to name the book ‘X’ but Spike Lee released a movie at the same time with the same title about Malcom X.

I wonder what Lola, Lourdes or whatever her daughter’s name is, thinks of the book.


Madonna‘s infamous “Sex” book has topped a list of out-of-circulation publications literary fans most want to add to their shelves.

According to a new poll by, the Material Girl’s shockingly explicit coffee table picture book is still proving popular.

Find: Why did ‘Sex’ cause controversy?

The limited-edition release caused outrage in 1992 and featured the singer in a series of pornographic poses with rapper Vanilla Ice and Naomi Campbell.

Next on the most wanted list is Nora Roberts’ “Promise Me Tomorrow,” followed by two Stephen King releases, “Rage” and “My Pretty Pony.”

Also in the top 10 are Johnny Cash‘s “Man In Black,” a Marilyn Monroe biography by Norman Mailer, and Kyle Onstott’s “Mandingo.”


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