Silver is most popular color for cars.

Silver is most popular car colour in Canada: study

Silver is the colour of choice for Canadian car buyers, according to a new study commissioned by Ford Motor Co.

Silver is the colour of choice for Canadian car buyers, according to a new study commissioned by Ford Motor Co.

When I purchased my car I originally had silver in mind but then changed my mind to black, something about black cars that has an elegant and classy aspect to it. That and it looks awesome with the silver grille, handles, side mirror silver caps and black tint. Only disadvantage is that it’s high maintenance, black gets dirty quickly and scratches are easily noticed.

TORONTO — What do car colour choices say about Canadians? According to a new study by Leger Marketing, commissioned by Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Canadians apparently don’t like to stray too far from tradition.

When it comes to current cars, the conventional silver/grey is by far the most popular, with 22.3 per cent of Canadians choosing that hue. Black (14.1 per cent), blue (13.6 per cent), then red (11.6 per cent) are well behind.

Possibly due to our messy winter weather conditions, the colour white, often a top warm-climate pick, is a distant fifth choice (6.9 per cent). Rounding out the choices are green (6.0 per cent), gold (3.8 per cent) and orange (0.4 per cent). Eleven per cent of Canadians surveyed chose a colour other than those listed.

“People form an emotional connection with colour and there is something very personal to buyers about the hue of their cars,” says Susan Swek, Ford Motor Company’s chief designer, Colour and Materials. “Our internal research shows up to 40 per cent of car buyers say they would walk out of a dealership if they couldn’t buy a car in the colour they wanted.”

Below, Swek provides some specific attributes associated to the top five colour choices in Canada:

Silver — “Since silver and grey are technical colours, they communicate a sense of aspiration and at times, an embrace of futurism.”

Black — “Overall, black communicates strength, aspiration and a respect for the classic and the elegant.”

Blue — “Darker blue is perceived as more traditional. However, a bright or light blue is the opposite and is seen as the least ‘classic’ of the other colour groups.”

Red — “A colour which screams sporty and energetic but in certain shades can also be associated with distinction.”

White — “White is clean and modern. Premium specialty whites (also known as ‘tri-coat whites’) are also associated with luxury and ‘premium-ness’.”

Surprisingly, the propensity to choose an unconventional colour (one outside of the top eight listed) actually increases with age (20 per cent for 65+ versus 5 per cent for 18-34). Moreover, the likelihood of choosing red steadily increases while the likelihood of choosing black steadily decreases as the population gets older.

The study also found that men are more likely to choose black (20.4 per cent versus 12.9 per cent of women), while women are much more likely to choose red (13.8 per cent versus 8.9 per cent). Canadians making more than $80,000 per year (19 per cent) are more likely to select black, when compared to those making less than $40,000 per year (11 per cent). Single individuals are also more likely to choose black (27 per cent versus 13 per cent among those who are married).

“Colour is a simple way to allow people to add a personal touch to their lives,” explains Swek. “It’s something that speaks to them and expresses a little bit of their personality.”  

Ontarians have the greatest percentage of black cars in the country (17.1 per cent) and are least likely to covet a blue one (12.9 per cent), the study found.

Elsewhere, residents of Atlantic Canada have a surprisingly high amount of gold-coloured cars (8.4 per cent) and also have the country’s highest instances of red cars (18.4 percent). Albertans have the highest preference for blue cars in the country (16 per cent), followed closely by Quebecers (15.4 per cent). Drivers in Quebec are also most likely to choose an unconventional colour, one not listed in the top eight (12.8 per cent).

Though drivers in British Columbia have an above average love of green coloured cars (8.3 per cent), residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the “greenest” (9.9 per cent). Residents of Manitoba and Saskatchewan also have the highest preference for white (14.2 per cent).

According to a global Ford poll, silver is also the most popular vehicle colour around the world. When looking at individual nations, Ford found that nearly half of all vehicles sold in Turkey are white. French and Italian motorists like cream-coloured vehicles. Black is the colour of choice for most drivers in Norway, Portugal, Germany and Russia. Only one country in Europe has a top colour other than white, black or silver: The Czech Republic chooses blue.

The Canadian survey was completed from Monday, June 27, to Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by Leger Marketing, with a sample of 1576 Canadians, 18 years of age or older. Margin of error is +/-2.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20. The international findings come from the latest international colour study by Du Pont.


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