Computers replace humans..PLEASE!

You know you’re having a bad day when….

You stand in line for the so-called customer service desk (how is it customer service when you’re waiting 30 mins to talk to a rep??) because you lost your membership card and need a replacement and vent to the employee’s for waiting for so long as if you had nothing better to do all day.

So because I was waiting for ever and the line wasn’t moving I finally spoke my mind and said, the returns line is not busy why are there 4 reps there and not helping with membership?? Can I be manager for a day cause obviously the one present isn’t doing a good job.

And then when you finally get to someone he makes an issue of my name, on my membership card it shows JOEY, not JOSEPH as my ID shows, and asks why is it different?. I said ‘Right JOEY is short form for JOSEPH, not BOBBY and JOSEPH, not HARRY and JOSEPH, it’s JOEY, take the EY and add SEPH.

And it’s only the immigrants that give me this issue.

So, after all that he says the photo thing for the membership card isn’t working and gave me a print out of my membership #, I already had my membership # I DIDN’T NEED A PRINT OUT OF IT!!!

And then when I checked out at the cashier after I bought 3 items and stood in line for 30 mins to get a print out fo my membership #, she wanted to keep the stupid peice of paper with read ‘Temporary Membership Card’. She said it’s only temporary!!!

Give me the fregin paper!!!!

MY GAWD, Why so many stupid people???

Then as you drive towards the highway, there’s traffic because of maybe an accident?? 3 police cars were present but I didn’t see any car damaged.

I think people (customer service reps) should be replaced with computers, too much horrible customer service going on, these big greedy corporations know nothing about customer service. Nothing. Zelch! Zada.