Customer Service in the TOronto dump

Where’s the customer service?? Toronto has gone to the dumps. I actually left two stores, CanadianTire and Home Depot because no one cared to do their job.

I was shopping for something at Canadian Tire and saw rechargeable batteries that I needed for my cordless phone. The batteries were locked in a cabinet. Seriously, batteries locked up????? So the customer service desk paged someone to assist with getting me those batteries. Only one person has a key to a battery cabinet??? I am not asking for my million at the bank for fuck sake. How about a secret tunnel to a secret location?? Secure enough?

So, I waited. She paged again.

I jokingly asked, What isle is the axe in? because we can open it that way..MUCH faster!

I waited some more and no one showed up. I just walked away saying it’s okay I’ll go to Future Shop, those sales reps love to help.

And then I stopped at Home Depot because I needed Styrofoam. There was no bar code on it. So the counter clerk paged someone at the Lumber department..I waited and no one paged him back. He asked a co-worker the name of the item I had, he didn’t ask me, so I jumped in and said it’s called Styrofoam! he ignored me. He’s an immigrant, maybe they don’t have it where he’s from? So he asked the co-worker again and I said didn’t I just say it’s called Styrofoam??? So I got fed up and said, Gotta Go, no time to wait for your slow co-workers. I was rude because he didn’t believe me IT’S CALLED S-T-Y-R-O-F-O-A-M!

Hardly any intelligent one’s at these places.

What I should of done was ask for a supervisor to get someone but last night I didn’t sleep too well, so I didn’t want to waste the little energy I had. I couldn’t be bothered.

Next time. And there will be a next time. Please people, don’t make my life difficult and I won’t be a cranky bitch! It’s really easy, SYROFOAM…Do your job.

If you don’t like your job, go milk a cow!