Gay Artist granted reprieve from deportation

Wanna immigrate to Canada? Give them the persecuted excuse.

Where’s the proof?

He tried this in the USA and what do most illegals do before they come to Canada? They try USA first. And if they’re denied they come here.

And once he was denied here in Canada, he remained here illegally for 6 years. Any other person would of got deported a long time ago.

The guy says he’s never been in love or had sex with another man. How is this proof that this guy is gay? He’s 25 years old, almost if not, all gay men would of had some sort of sexual experience or same sex relationship by this age.

Is he playing the I AM GAY-DON’T DEPORT card? Another person maniplating the system? How does one prove they’re gay?

I think that person with legit reasons is needing your help CIC! Not some person pretending to be gay.

Watch now, gay applications into the country will be on the rise.

You’re must wonder why I am not supporting this and his reasons to be here, but something about the story just doesn’t sound kosher.


Gay artist granted reprieve from deportation

Alvaro Orozco, a gay artist who fled Nicaragua due to his sexual orientation, has been granted the right to remain in Canada.

Alvaro Orozco, a gay artist who fled Nicaragua due to his sexual orientation, has been granted the right to remain in Canada.


A gay artist from Nicaragua, whose asylum claim was rejected because he had not been in a same-sex relationship, has been granted a reprieve by immigration officials.

Alvaro Orozco, who was to be deported Thursday, was released from immigration detention Wednesday after Citizenship and Immigration Canada issued him permanent resident status on humanitarian grounds.

“I am free now,” Orozco said after his release from the Rexdale holding centre. “I feel safe. I finally belong somewhere. There are no more struggles. I do not have to hide anymore.”

The immigration papers came six years after the runaway, now 25, came to Toronto in 2005, via the United States, to flee persecution and domestic abuse in Nicaragua due to his sexual orientation.

In 1998, Orozco, at age 12, left his family in Nicaragua where homosexuality had been a criminal offence until three years ago. His mother was the only family member he kept in touch with, but she died of cancer in 2008.

Orozco’s asylum claim was denied in 2007 after an Immigration and Refugee Board adjudicator questioned his sexual orientation. He told the hearing he had never had sex or pursued a relationship with another man.

Orozco stayed in Canada illegally, awaiting his humanitarian application. He worked under the table to support himself and became a photographer and painter known in Toronto’s gay community.

“It’s been years and years, and we had lost hope,” said Suhail Abualsameed, one of Orozco’s many supporters. “We have done so much street activism, political advocacy and phone calls to different politicians to support him. I’m glad that it worked.”

Since Orozco’s arrest by police on May 13, supporters in the gay and arts communities have staged protests and launched an online petition for his release.

Orozco, who dropped out of school after grade 6, said he would like to finish high school and study photography and architecture. He also wants to find love for himself and for gay teens in Nicaragua.

“It is hard to have a relationship with all the drama with my immigration. It makes it so complicated. Now I am more stable in life. It will be easier,” he said.

Orozco said he also wants to raise money to build a home for gay youth in Nicaragua.