Mariah Carey Announce Rediculous Names of their twins.

Why oh Why do these nutjob celebrities do this to their kids?  While it’s all cute to call them these names as babies, THEY HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT WHILE THEY’RE TEASED AT SCHOOL!

Mariah says she choose ‘Monroe’ for her daughter after her idol Marilyn Monroe..seriously? Monroe?? And they choose the name ‘Moroccan’, named after the room Nick proposed to her in. So they named son after a room??? Or perhaps a country.

Hey, it’s not all that bad, Gwyneth Paltrow named her child ‘Apple’. Sorry, but I think ‘Peaches’ sounds much better.

Ya Know, in my lifetime I liked Madonna, Lady GaGa and Lucille Ball. If I have any kids some day perhaps by accident while under the influence of Perocets (there’s a story for that), and if it’s a girl, I’ll name her ‘Ma’GaGa Lucille Percocets’. And for a boy I’ll name him ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, since I like Freddy Mercury.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality.

And since I’ll have some explaining to do, I’ll explain how I came up with the brilliant names. “You see, sweetcheecks, I once liked Madonna, Lady GaGa and Lucille Ball and I had you on Percocets.

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Announce Names Of Their Twins

Mariah Carey, 41, and Nick Cannon, 30, didn’t immediately name their boy and girl twins, who were born Saturday, at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles.

But that issue has been resolved, according to CNN. The daughter, who was reportedly born first, is named Monroe Cannon. And the son is Moroccan Scott Cannon. Mariah decided not to give Monroe a middle name because she herself doesn’t have one.

Monroe is named after Mariah’s idol, Marilyn Monroe. Mariah is such a huge Marilyn Monroe fan that she purchased the late star’s white piano from an auction. In her will, Mariah leaves the prized possession to the Smithsonian.

Moroccan’s first name was inspired by his father’s proposal. Nick asked Mariah to marry him in the Moroccan Room on the top tier of Mariah’s apartment in New York City. Moroccan’s middle name Scott is also the middle name of his father and maiden name of Nick’s grandmother.

Monroe weighed 5 pounds and 3 ounces, and Moroccan weighed 5 pounds and 6 ounces.

Mariah’s publicist, Cindi Berger, said she was excited for the family. “It has been a long, emotional journey for this family, and I couldn’t be happier for all of them,” she told CNN.

The twins were born on the couple’s third wedding anniversary. In upholding their tradition of renewing their vows annually, Reverend Al Sharpton officiated an intimate ceremony in the hospital.