Historic and surreal Canadian Election! ~ Sad Day in Canada


First time in Canadian history of elections, Liberal party is in 3rd place with horrible results, blame it on the leader of the party, worst I’ve seen, that even I didn’t vote for Liberals and I always vote for them. NDP* has never been in 2nd place always 3rd, now they’re in 2nd place. Stephan Harper is the PM of Canada for the 3rd time, another first in history. Conservatives has not won in three consecutive elections.

*NDP= New Democratic Party, , a social-democratic party, they’re regarded as falling to the left of the Canadian Political spectrum.

I am just as pissed off of the results of the election as I was when Bush won the 2nd time in the USA.

And those who voted other than Conservatives, we blame it on the Liberals for calling an election in the first place and as a result, 40 Liberals in the senate are now unemployed. Harper got what he wanted and in his thank you speech it he will thank the Liberal party for calling an election and making his party a majority, something he always wanted, a majority government and now we will suffer for the next 4 years. And later this year another election for Provincial election for Ontario when we have to vote for the next premier, another Conservative government will be on office, McGuinty might as well start packing his bags.

So now the majority of Canada will be right winged. I am not proud to be Canadian right now.

Canada has now become US’s 51st state.