Driving Insane

You know, I should pitch a show to TLC or A&E or which ever network that has all those reality shows, the show will be about crazy and stupid drivers.

Today I am driving and I make a stop at the stop sign then suddenly some punk approaches the stop sign to my right at the 3 way ALL STOP intersection, what does this young punk dude who probably just got his license and driving his momma’s or pappa’s big ass SUV do? He hardly if at all makes a stop and turns left beside me, as if I wasn’t there, what do I do? I drive as it was my turn because it was and drove up to his car. What does this dumbass punk do? He was about to hit the parked car on the street because he was focused on whether I was going to hit his momma’s or pappa’s car.

Want to be stupid? I can play the asshole game.

People who are in a hurry, who disregard other drivers accidents happen. They’re selffish self-centered twits, who put other lives in jeopardy.

Then later today I am driving, suddenly an ambulance is approaching south of me coming my direction. There are 2 lanes going north and 2 going south. The car in front of me who perhaps just got their license as well just stops his car and puts on hazard (emergency lights) on.  What the hell??

Okay what am I here, giving driving lessons??

When emergency vehicles are approaching you drive to the right and stop, you do NOT just stop your car in the middle of the road and put on your emergency lights and get all confused. You don’t just park your car, block traffic and get scared, you dumbass!! Maybe they do that in Russia?

Wait a second, maybe it was my 3 yr old niece driving the car, she gets scared when she hears sirens.

Seriously where do these people come from? Take your head out of your asses!

Then minutes later I see a car in the middle of the road waiting to turn left, I see all these weird lights flashing on their card, and I am like what the fuck is that? The right turn signal is flashing faster than usual  and in weird sequence and there are green flashing lights, like those highway police cars have, and I am like is that even legal? Are people for real? Why don’t you put on voice overs too?? “Turning LEFT, Turning LEFT, EVERYONE I AM TURNING LEFT!!!!”

Seriously, I am not on meds nor under the influence of anything, (maybe it’s the multi-vitamins/green tea tablets I take) but I do know a lot of people out there that maybe on something. And if they’re not, WOW. There’s no excuse for their stupidity.

What is happening to this world?