Profile of the Day goes to….

Warning: Explicit beginner English language ahead, reader descretion is advised.

I never do this but I had to, it’s just romantic, don’t ya think? (sarcasm)

 It just makes me want to read it out loud as a foreigner.

Kudos for learning English.

An online profile.

Pavel writes;”I the good and kind person in a life. I very much like to dance, listen to good music, to look interesting cinema. I play tennis. I like to travel. To visit new places. To learn a lot of new and interesting. I go in for sports and try to hold my form of a body in good condition. I conduct a healthy way of life. in sex as I can be an asset and a liability. To me it is pleasant when me fuck in a bum and as I like to fuck in a bum. I like to exhaust from a member juice, gently to smear it on all body. I love various food, but it is pleasant to me prepares more. If I have liked you”

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