I’m moving to mars, screw this shit!

Started to look for places to move to, after 3 years living in this place, time to move out. Three years ago I was excited to move in here as it’s a big apartment but the building is old, apparently 50 years old, like most apartment buildings in Toronto. However, in Toronto there is a condo going up every 10 minutes, and most of the units are tiny for the big price tag. I would never buy and live in a condo. What’s the point of living in a tiny space and pay $300,000 for it?  Because it’s new? It sounds stupid to me. Unless if I want to buy it and then sell it for profit?

Which is why I am renting. I like big spaces and refuse to live in tiny spaces I’ve done that up until 3 years ago and hated it. Along with maintenance fee’s, rules, and the feeling of living in an apartment, I’ll save up to buy a house. I heard on the radio today that there are 6×7 ft (size of a jail cell) apartments in New York City, people live in them because they want to live in the city. See video section for a video of her space. But it’s NYC and you’ll get the same in London, UK. I would think she doesn’t have sex in her bed unless ur doing it sideways.

Lately, I’ve noticed in my apartment there is a moisture issue, too much of it, if there is a condition for it I can’t think of it, mold?

When I went to the basement garage to get the car, I saw some white paint from the ceiling dripped onto the car?? It’s no wonder this building has been bought and sold 3 times in the past 5 years. Too expensive to maintain?


The past couple of days I’ve been looking for a USED car to buy, so I searched online and went to a couple of those independent car dealers. For some reason I just don’t trust these people. I love consumer reports magazine and they recommend buying a USED car. But anyway, I am looking for a 2007 Honda Accord, I’ve done research and the Accords received the best grades within the sedan category, I love SUV’s but the one I want is costly. The Accord beat the Altima which my sister has and the Camry. I love the Nissan Juke. I’m attracted to things that stand out. Juke is a weird looking car. Last year I was crazy about the Nissan Cube and was very very close of buying one. But I read consumer reports and it didn’t get good grades, so I moved on.  Consumer Reports knows best, that’s what they do and if you’re going to make an investment, make a smart one.

Anyway, back to the dealer thing. I saw an ad for a Honda Accord EX-L at a good price, I went to the dealer I asked him I wanted to look at that car which was parked on this tiny lot, other cars were blocking it, so they had to move all the other cars to move it. Sounds brilliant. So a salesperson got the keys, started the car and I noticed the engine sounded weird. I said “the engine doesn’t sound good”, he said “yea, it hasn’t been started in a long time”. I said “oh that’s it”. So he left the car running and he went back into the office.

I waited and he never returned, another guy comes out said I wanted to take it for a test drive. He said, I need to make an appointment because they only got one dealer plate and it’s being used.


So we sit in his office and he asked me if I wanted to complete a credit application. I said, “Um no. Why would I do a credit application if I’ve not test drove the car or give an offer?”. So he said he’ll take my number and he’ll call me back to test drive the car.


So I got back home and did more research and noticed another Joe Blow dealership that sells mostly Honda’s. SO I am thinking perfect, I’ve got choices. I walk in, and stood there for awhile before they acknowledged my presence. Off to a good start. These dumasses don’t realize there’s hundreds like them around, I can take my business elsewhere. Anyway, I asked him why is there a descrepency in the prices of the car? One car wth 34k is the same price as the one with 78k and the one with the 78k has leather seats. Leather seats is at most $2000 more. And a four year old car has only 34k????? Which is around 8,000 kms a year, because we’re only 4 months into the year. Most drive 20k a year. Unless you work from home, have no kids, don’t go on road trips and just go to the nearby grocery store, I can understand the low mileage.

So I asked him if these cars have been in accidents, he couldn’t give me a straight answer other than a guarantee no frame damage and some other damage. You can present me with a Carfax report but not all accidents get reported. And in his showroom I noticed some guy repairing dents and windows of cars. So he got a call on his cell, he said he’ll be back in 10 mins. I waited and he didn’t return. Then some guy asked if I needed help in a not so friendly way and I told him I’m just waiting for the other guy and asked if he can help, he told me I have to wait for the other guy.

I just hate useless people.

I don’t like dealing with liars, and as the saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. best bet is to buy a certified used car from a “real” dealer and not a Joe Blow dealership.

So after waiting and waiting, I walked out.

I am sure they love those airheads who walk in and say “oh awesome deal, I’ll buy it!!” Without researching, fact-finding. They basically judge the car on how it looks, think it sounds good and buy it.  Good luck to ya!


My sister is coming back from Washington, DC. Which is no surprise. It’s a long story. All I am going to say, I am going to be STRESSED OUT!  I will be helping her out a lot which means people will think I am the father of her kids. You know, they see a woman and man with kids, he’s the father.  She’s my sister!!!

If I were walking with my father, people would think he’s my sugardaddy. HE’S MY FATHER!!!! 

That’s society for ya!