Unless you’re paid to be a mannequin, don’t just stand there and look pretty, do your job! Well, he wasn’t pretty.

I just love it how a customer has to tell an employee to do their job. And how soem employees give excuses because they’re too damn lazy to do their job.

I purchased two money orders from the Post Office Outlet in a Shoppers Drug Mart store last week. One of them got “lost” somehow (according to the company I sent it to, those dumbtwats) so now I need to request a refund and after calling the customer service line of CanadaPost he told me to go to the postal outlet and ask for a duplicate form. The other money order I have and I don’t need it anymore, so for that one I just need to cash it.

I went back to the postal outlet today for a refund, the employee didn’t know what to do, he tapped his touch screen monitor and then said sorry I don’t know what I am doing so he asked me to come back the next day. As for the duplicate form, he said he didn’t know what I was talking about.

SO I went to another postal outlet (these outlets are contracted by CanadaPost, in case your outside of Canada and dont know this),  I asked a second employee at a different location for a refund, he ALSO told me to come back the next day BUT because he didn’t have money in his till. I said, so when someone buys something what do you do? He said customers use debit. I said right, and why do I find this hard to believe? So then I asked for that “duplicate form”, he also didn’t know what I was talking about but then another employee said she’ll try to find it in the filing cabinets, as if she were doing me a favor????? As she was doing that, the other employee was going on about how he never seen this “form” and that only a regular post office has it. I said to him perhaps you need to educate yourself on how to do your job, because you obviously don’t know anything, and stop giving me excuses just because you don’t want to do your job. Canada Post advised me all outlets should have them.

The other employee found the form passed it over the other employee and I said “See, there you go, all you need to do is move a finger, do your job, assist a customer..oh and LEARN SOMETHING!“. I was pissed off because he was being a lazy fuck, I grabbed the form out of his hands and said “I’ll take that form and here’s what I’ll do for you,  I’ll make sure the Canada Post district manager is aware you need training and perhaps give you motivation to assist customers.”

I don’t care if I have an audience I’ll speak up. A few people suddenly were in line behind me.

Listen, make my life difficult and I’ll make yours, people want to be lazy and stupid especially when they’re paid to do something and don’t do it. The nasty in me comes out. I am not asking for much, not asking to run a marathon, just asking to do your fucking job!

It just pisses me off!!

Since it was later in the day, I’ll be calling corporate on Monday. I am not letting this slip. And it’s not only that, I have the luxury of driving around to get better service which is absurd, no customer should do that, but what if it was someone who had to rely on buses to get around and you have these dumbtwit employees that don’t want to do their job and give customers the runaround???

Unless your paid to be a mannequin, don’t just stand there and look pretty, do your job!

Well, he wasn’t pretty.

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