The City of Stupid

I am walking across the street with my dogs, a car is appoaching and he’s got a STOP sign. The driver of the car beeps his horn at me because I didn’t stop for him!!! SO I yelled, “Yo dumbass, there’s a STOP sign right there, it means STOP!!!” And he beeps his horn again telling me I should of stopped. I’ll tell you what I should of done. Took his plate #, call the cops and say this guy went through a stop sign and almost ran over me and my dogs. Maybe that’ll teach him a lesson! Anyway, there were some kids were playing in front of their home and they all said “Hey, we’re on your side, you’re right he has to stop!”

How about more stupid?

Here’s another time; I am driving, it’s my right of way, I approach a four way intersection but there’s no stop sign for me, only for the traffic approaching East and West. What does one dumbass do as he comes from my right side and should stop at the stop sign? He keeps driving as if I weren’t coming. You see, I am not scared to drive right up close to them a hair way from their car to scare them.

You want to be stupid? I’ll be an asshole.

You want more stupid?

I am looking for a parking space at the grocery store, some selfish crappy driver who can’t park in between the line takes two parking spots. What do I do? I park my car and leave no space on his driver side. As I leave I take a picture with my cell phone just in case I need proof.

Want to be selfish and ignorant, I’ll be an asshole.

And if you get me on my crank days as today….run!

I don’t get people, seriously, they’re only in their little world, thinking only about themselves.

It’s like…Who cares about the pedestrian crossing the street I don’t like stop signs, who cares about on-going traffic I am in a hurry and if I cause an accident along the way, oh well, and who cares if I take up two parking spots, I own the road.

People! Take your head out fo your asses and think about other people for once!

I don’t know if it’s a big city thing, a Toronto thing, but seriously if you’re not diligent about yoru surroundings there are stupid careless people out there, watch out.

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