Flat Head

With everything I’ve been through in life I’ve always said someone up above is watching over me.

And there are days that I am a total dunce. I was driving today in crappy weather conditions, rain, slush and snow all in one. So as soon as I backed out of my garage I hear noise that was coming from the rear side of my car, didn’t think about it too much, thought perhaps nothing major. So I drove a bit and the sound was getting worse, sounded as if air was seeping through the windows.

I was going to check once I got to my destination, which was 30 minutes away. Drove on the highway for 25 minutes, I stopped at Tim Horton’s for coffee and 1 timbit which I always get for $1.77. I’m good with the details, eh?

I was going to check what the sound was once I got to my destination which was a block away from Tim Hortons.

I always take the drive-thru, but this time something made me stop and walk in and get it. So as soon as I got out of my car someone stops me and says “You’ve got a flat tire”. I am like ‘What the fuck??”Well, I said thank you but to myself, WHAT THE FUCK??!!!!

So I get into my car and I call CAA right away, they arrived in no less than 5 minutes, I was very impressed. The guy put air in the tire to check to see if how much damage there is, so since it took awhile for the air to get out this would give me time to drive across the street to Canadian Tire for them to check out. After waiting patiently for 1.5 hours (I am at most times impatient), they repaired my tire for $40. You’d think that during all this time they made me wait they were replacing all my tires, but noooo, just a repair.

Now, I am damn lucky that the tire didn’t shred or nothing happened to me on the highway especially in this weather.

So, the dunce part continued. I say I am a dunce because I should of checked what the problem was long before.

I also wondered why my front windows were all foggy, and there I was saying “Crappy car! What’s with this car???”.. I blasted the cold, the hot, nothing got rid of it. Took me awhile to figure out the fog knob thingie, minutes later after figuring it out and almost back home, I got rid of the foggy windows.

And this was my day of dunce.

But you know what the cause of all this. I think it’s because I didn’t eat enough protein for lunch today. Need it for brain function!!

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