Wrap it Up: The Best Condoms on the market

If you’re not using protection you’re being stupid and a fool. Now do what’s right.

best condoms(iStock)

In trying to reinvent the traditional rain jacket, prophylactic makers have done everything but add disco lights and a Marvin Gaye soundtrack. Flavours, warming gels, and funky shapes might promise hotter, more playful romps – but which are worth your dime? To help find the best condom that suits you, we tested nearly 25 varieties and picked six that felt, tasted, smelled, and looked amazing every thrust of the way.


For a Faster Start: LifeStyles Warming Pleasure

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The water-based lubricant on this latex condom contains a warming ingredient that stimulates the clitoris, labia, and vaginal wall. If you heat up slower than a vintage Chevy in the dead of winter, it can work like a hot-wire. Our tester says: “The sensation was mild but very sensual — almost like a warm, wet tongue.”


For Monogamous Couples: Naturalamb

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With its powder-fresh aroma, you’d never guess this condom is made from natural animal membranes. (Does PETA know about this?) The latex-free condom is so thin and flexible, it feels like a second skin – which is pretty much what it is. It’s best for committed couples, since it offers no protection against STDs. Tester says: “This condom felt amazing!”

For Quick Shooters: Durex Performax

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The inside tip of a Performax rubber is coated with a body heat-activated lube that contains Benzocaine, which reduces skin sensitivity (yes, it’s the same stuff you’d put on a bug bite). With a slightly numbed penis, your guy is less likely to hit his peak before you do. Tester says: “Our fun definitely went on longer than usual. These are a smart buy for guys who need them.”


For Single Connoisseurs: Kimono Micro Thin Aqua Lube

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It’s not as barely-there as lamb guts, but a Kimono is the next best thing for couples who want STD protection with minimal material between their privates. According to the manufacturer, this baby is 20 percent thinner than competitors’ “thin” models but still strong enough to pass vigorous testing. Tester says: “It made sex feel more intimate, and the water-based lube wasn’t at all sticky.”

For Thrill Seekers: Trojan Magnum Twister

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Your guy doesn’t have to wield equipment of Ron Jeremy proportions to enjoy the less restrictive feel of these jumbo wrappers, which are 15 percent larger than standard condoms. The extra latex and twist shape at the tip create additional friction for everyone involved. Tester says: “I swear the tip brushed my G-spot, but it also caused the condom to get stuck inside me. Yikes!”

For Picky Lickers: Durex Pleasuremax Tingling

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Certain situations make a better-tasting condom a godsend and this jimmy jacket’s spearmint flavour is as refreshing as a dab of Colgate. Even if taste isn’t an issue, this one’s worth buying for its pleasant scent and strategically placed ribs and studs. Tester says: “The mint tingled my taste buds. And I could actually feel the texture, which isn’t the case with most ribbed condoms.”


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