Perhaps I was cranky today because I was a bit tired but really, why me? Why do I have to deal with it?

I went through the drive-thru today to put a coffee and 1 tim-bit from Tim Hortons. I told the cashier I have a free coffee cup from ‘Roll Up the Rim to Win’ promotion. It’s a promotion where you can win prizes by rolling up the rim of your coffee cup.

So I get to the window and pass her the cup. She rips the Free Coffee note and hands the cup back to me. I said to her, seriously, are you for real? What am I going to do with a ripped coffee cup? Throw it out please. My car isn’t a garbage bin. She said “Sorry we can’t through out garbage for customers”. I said, “why, do you think I planted a tiny chip bomb within the cup and it’s gonna blow up?” GET REAL!!

So, I bought 3 coffees for me and other people, she saw I was alone in my car, what does she ask me? “Do you want a tray?” I said “No, I am gonna balance the coffees on my head and nose while I drive.”

People, People…PEOPLE!!!! Please think before talking and doing. That’s all I am asking. And if after that, if you’re still not smart,  you’re a lost cause. Stay home!

* Please note the above blog entry was done when I was cranky and bitchy, but really, think before do and talk. Hey, I am guilty of this as well.