The Psycho @ the park

There is no such thing as bad dogs, there’s bad owners. You see a badly behaved dog, thank the owner for that.

Is there a person in your daily life that when you see them from a far you want to run for your life, ok, that’s a bit extreme but maybe, perhaps walk fast the other way?

I take my dogs to the park, there’s a small field beside my home for them to roam around and play with other dogs, if they choose to do so. Osker is a bit snobby, like his owner, well a lot of the time big dogs are running around like a bunch of buffoons, running around recklessly.

There’s always one person in a group that has to annoy the hell out fo you it’s like they get under my skin and irritate the fuck out of me.

She’s an older woman and knows every dogs name, and she yells their name everytime like as if she’s having a dog orgasm and a fuckin NUTCASE! She thinks she’s special because I said to her once, I don’t know how she remember every single dog’s name. In other words, I HAVE A LIFE!

She reminds me of that kid show in the 80s ‘Romper Room’, that woman who takes her mirror out and says “Through my special mirror I see Andrew, and I see Beth and I see “… etc etc. This woman does the same thing but with a very annoying loud high pitched voice. She clearly is a loner, doesn’t have a life and should be on anti-psychotic meds.

Every time she’s around me my blood boils. She’s like a bad case of crabs.

If she’s at the park before I am I stay a far distance from her and ignore her. When I leave she the nutcracker yells “Byeeeee!!!”. She just doesn’t get it. The dingbat doesn’t get it!!! I always ignore and avoid her but she still goes on. She reminds me of a bully. Please take care of your mental illness and don’t make victims!

Anyone who knows me knows I hold nothing back but with her no matter how much she is a pest I don’t tell her off. Perhaps it’s because when I was a kid I’ve been taught to be nice to mentally and emotionally challenged people.

So today I took my dogs to this park, and I only do it for them because I have no other reason to be there obviously, from a distance I noticed she wasn’t there, the coast was clear..YIPPEEEE!!! Rejoice!

Low and behold 8 minutes later the high chirping psycho woman arrives “Oh look all the dogs are here, how nice ALL the DOGS are here!!, and there’s Nikko, and there’s Benji and there’s Scooby and she goes on with names of the dogs present and  I am like, “SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY!”

One time when I was ready to go home and one of my dogs wasn’t I started to walk away, and I know by doing that they’ll follow me. I know my dogs, they won’t run away. So what does the loonytoon do? She yells “You’re dog is not going, come and get your dog!!!” I said “Leave my dog alone you madwoman, I know my dogs!!” Her dog barks at everything and doesn’t listen to her, so she thinks all dogs are like that.

On a couple of occasions she picked up my dog Scooby and said loudly, “ohh your soo cute, you want to come home with me, don’t you?” and I said “In your wildest dreams, I wouldn’t do such a horrible thing.”

How can anyone not find her annoying???  I pick and choose which dog owners I talk to and a few have shared the same opinions about her. A lot of times I couldn’t be bothered standing around with the other owners watching the dogs when my dogs have no interest, a lot of the bigger dogs run into people and the other dogs. Almost all of the dogs are off leash.

I’ve bragged about my dogs before on here, my dogs are calm, quiet an well-behaved dogs and I’m always reminded by how awesome they are when I see how other dogs are at the park, they don’t run into other dogs or people and knock them flat on their ass, more about that in a second. They don’t bark at people or dogs and they listen!! Scooby, my smaller dog is super friendly and goes up to strangers but never bashes into things, dogs, people.

There is one nice young woman, also with 2 dogs, one barks and growls at the dogs for no reason and the other is a rebunxious dog that smashes into people, it’s gorgeous bigger black dog, I forgot the breed. But after today I seriously think the dog has vision problems. The dog has a tendency to run into people and she brushes against me for some reason. Today she ‘bashed’ into me a couple of times, the second time she knocked me flat right on my ass. She came up from behind and knocked me down. I could of easily injured my back because of the way I landed and if it were an older person, they would be been seriously hurt, if not hospitalized. I also landed on the dogs leg and hurt the dog. She cried for a few seconds. Hopefully, the dog learned a lesson because no one else is teaching her.

For those with kids and cannot relate, imagine taking your kids to the park and there’s kids running around knocking things over, pushing the other kids high on sugar.

I kept saying to myself it’s not the dogs fault don’t react, it’s the owner’s fault, the dog needs to be disciplined!! I didn’t apologize for falling onto her dogs leg I did however asked if the dog was okay. And said you really need to take control of your dog because one day she will seriously hurt someone.

Anyway…I vowed not to return to this park again, but why should I take away the joy my dogs get from running around? Walking around the block isn’t the same. And because I live in the city there aren’t big parks near by for them to run around. I am not going let irresponsible dogs owners take control. It pisses me off when dog owners don’t train their fuckin dogs!! It’s like those crappy parents who let their children do whatever they want.

One day when I decide not to return there I will call up animal control and tell them dogs are off leash and causing a disturbance. There are signs saying dogs are to be on a leash or be fined. No one ever enforces it. But apparently at another park I took them a couple of times in the summer time, on occasion they’ve fined dog owners.

To most, those signs don’t exist.





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