Business Woman brings dogs for adoption by private jet

Now, this is something I would done without hesitation.

Adoptions begin Sunday for the first group of about 60 small Chihuahuas and terriers that were airlifted from California to Edmonton.

Edmonton businesswoman Janet Folk organized the flight on a private jet that she has access to through her business connections.

Officials say the dogs would likely have been euthanized in California, due to an excess of small dogs at SPCA shelters there.

Edmonton Humane Society spokeswoman Shawna Randolph said they hope to discourage people from buying small breeds from pet stores or online ads, often supplied by puppy mills.

“So, when we heard about a huge overpopulation problem down in the United States, in the California area, we really wanted to save as many lives as possible, bring them up, be the supplier of these small dogs that are so hard to get here unless you’re going those other routes.”

About 10 dogs are up for adoption Sunday, and Randolph said the rest of the dogs will likely be available in the coming days.

She said they are expecting long lineups to adopt the animals.