Masked migrant stays in Canada

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It’s stories like this that make me ashamed to be a Canadian. This guy made international headlines coming here disguised via human smuggling, he obviously showed the world our Immigration laws are a joke because even though he’s a flight risk, he’s now released on $5000 bond. A FLIGHT RISK!! and out on just $5000 not only that he’s able to apply for a work permit, get health care and go on welfare.
He disguised his way onto the plane in China because when they look at your documents prior to boarding you have to show you have a visa or legal status in Canada, except for countries where you don’t need a visa to come here. And they still allow him to remain here, he frauded his way here!!!!!
We heard over the past few weeks how people have been deported for coming here illegally, are trying to make a better life and this guy is allowed to remain here when he sould of been on the next flight out to China!

Welcome to Canada!

Masked Chinese migrant to be released, will live in Toronto

A Chinese man who entered Canada was disguised in a mask as an old Caucasian man.

A Chinese man who entered Canada was disguised in a mask as an old Caucasian man.


The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER—A Chinese man who entered Canada disguised in a mask as an old Caucasian man was ordered released after more than three months of being detained.

Immigration and Refugee Board adjudicator Anita Merai-Schwartz ordered the migrant released Thursday on condition he post a $5,000 bond and report weekly to the Canada Border Services Agency.

In coming to the decision to release the migrant, Merai-Schwartz said he paid for entering Canada using money from his parents.

“Eight individuals apparently associated with this operation have been arrested in Hong Kong. Thus I do make the finding that in this regard you did use a human smuggling operation to get to Canada,” Merai-Schwartz said.

The migrant’s identity is protected by a publication ban.

Merai-Schwartz noted the man has remained in detention because of concerns that his large debt either to the smugglers or his parents could motivate him not to appear at his next refugee hearing.

“Additionally, you were found to be a flight risk due to evidence that you were vulnerable to and malleable by the snakeheads,” Merai-Schwartz said

But lawyer Daniel McLeod, who is representing the migrant, said a Chinese-Canadian closely linked to the young man’s family has agreed to post the bond and provide accommodation in Toronto.

According to previous hearings, the man boarded an Air Canada flight from Hong Kong last October wearing an elaborate latex mask similar to ones used in Hollywood movies. He removed it during the flight, prompting a warning from the Canada Border Services Agency that was later leaked to the media. He was arrested at the Vancouver International Airport.

As a condition of his release, he must report within a week to the CBSA office in Toronto where he will reside with the family friend. After that he must report weekly to CBSA. As a refugee claimant he is able to apply for a work permit.