Don’t be stupid and everything with be A OK!

I’ll tell you why I get angry and become rude…towards STUPIDITY!

So many DUMB and DUMBERS out there!

It’s when you are waiting in line at the store and there are THREE, I repeat THREE cashiers helping ONE I repeat ONE person. So I speak up and say, ‘Excuse me, can someone take the next person, I don’t have all day!!”.  So the cashier says sure, I’ll get someone to come to the cash. And I am sure he says to himself “damn he’s rude”.

BUT THERE ARE THREE PEOPLE THERE ALREADY!!!! Why do 3 people need to help one person???

So he made me wait more, perhaps purposely, I was ready to abruptly drop my items on the counter and leave the store but I needed my items. When I shop it’s during the week because on weekends it’s a zoo every where go in Toronto. There’s nothing else to do in Toronto but go to malls and shops. That’s why I want to go to Vancouver because it’s a whole different place over there, they only got 2 malls. Toronto? maybe 30.  I HATE MALLS and I stay away from them.

So the twit eventually called cashier. 10 minutes of waiting. Just Wow.

So, that was a few days ago at a store called ‘HomeSense’. Should be called ‘NO SENSE’.

Then today, my mother asked me to pick up a modem at a Rogers store for her to go onto the internet and talk to the grandkids who are in the Washington. I bring a photocopy of mother’s ID and a note providing me permission to pick up the modem.

So I wait in line PATIENTLY, and there are again at a totally different store, 3 useless associates at the counter, one is helping a customer and the other two are playing with their thumbs, suddenly some Russian customers walk to the counter and ask for help. And there I go again… “EXCUSE ME, WHOOOA, AM I INVISIBLE? How can not see me waiting here.” They ignore me. So, that’s when shit hit the ceiling.

So I said, “Not only are you blind you’re deaf! Don’t be rude and cut in line!!

So, only then to prevent things from going worse that’s when an associate offered her assistance, finally, it took some steam to get help.

And it didn’t stop there…

She told me the letter wasn’t sufficent and that I needed to be an authorized user on the account. So I said, “Listen, I didn’t drive all the way here to be misinformed on the phone, I have better things to do”, she didn’t care. So, what do I do? I go into my car, I call lousy Rogers customer service and add my name to my mother’s account.

The associate on the phone with a heavy paki accent named ‘Steve’ (okay we know that ain’t his real name, he must of changed it as soon as he immigrated here, perhaps something from Pasnausaniaosaobm or something like it), he asked to spell my name JOEY, not once but 3 times!!! How can you get JOEY wrong??

So I spelled it for him J  as in John, O as in Osker, E as in Elephant, and Y as in Yellow.

So I go back into the store and told her my name as been added as an authorized user.

She looks at the screen and asks for my drivers licence and says “Sorry, do you have ID showing JOHEY, I said it’s not JOHEY (after spelling my 4 LETTER name to the other clown on the phone he still got it wrong), I said to her “ARE YOU FOR REAL??? I don’t go by my full name Joseph (My ID has my full name), it’s like Mike/Micheal, or Brad/Bradley, do you need more common sense examples? You people really like to make customers life difficult don’t you?

She said “Sir, anyone can come in here and with the same last name and ask for a modem.

I said ” You must be joking, what would be the concidience of that? She said “it happens”.

I said “Okay, can move on already, you obviously have nothing better to do”.

Again, make my life difficult and you deserve what’s coming to you. And I can be harsh.

With these modems, you cannot do squat with them, the serial number with these cable modems have to be added to your cable account at the address on the account. If it’s not added, you cannot use these modems. It has to match the cable at the address, so I cannot just take it to my place and hook it up because it’s only programmed to be used at my mother’s address. And either the installation person at the house enters it into his computer or when you pick it up at the store the associate scans the bar code.

 So she gave me the modem and I asked for the manager’s name, she said she’s the manager, I said “Well, the person who made you manager was either on meds or mentally challenged cause you’re no manager.”

Sure, people were looking over at me, and sure I didn’t care what they were thinking, cause I was proving a point.

Points were;

1)When someone has a letter with ID photocopied providing authorization for modem pick-up, it should be sufficient.

2) if someone goes by their shortened name, do not ask for addiitonal ID. If my legal name was Harry and people call me Dick (which I can be at times), that’s understandable to ask for ID with my name Dick on it.

3) When someone is waiting in line and 2 of the 3 associates are doing nothing and do not help out a customer, they should be fired because they’re useless overpaid dumbtwats.

Seriously, do people need to be told this? Why is this world full of airheads?

A lot of companies know nothing about customer service.





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