Photos I took while on vacation in the US….

So here we have pictures we took on our trip to the USA. Pretty much this was the sight-seeing we did throughout our trip, I thought I should share them with you. I hope you enjoy the sights.


Ops, I forgot to mention, this was just us snapping pictures while at Wal-Mart.


We were trying to figure out if this was Britney Spears.


Grandma! I am borrowing your clothes to the store, be back later!


 We thought this is what Madonna would look like in her 70’s.


Why not give easy access to my fellow Wal-Maters.


Um…hmm….well…some go shopping on crack.


Apparently the “Pink Ladies” from ‘Grease’ is still around, waiting for Danny Zuko.


He’s waiting for NASA to go to the moon, until then he shops.


We were following Katey Perry around…


And here’s Marilyn Manson…hot.



Some people think they look better dressing up this way….their last hope.


And she actually posed for the camera…lord have mercy.



Oh my! It looks like Pirates of the Carribean went horribly, horribly wrong!


Um, why are all these guys following me?


Hey, I am handicap! Leave me alone!



Hey, if they don’t offer seating while you wait in line for hours, I’ll find myself one!


It must be a slow night at the corner.


Scratch and Sniff, here!

How do you like  my manly many many humps?

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