For the New Year…..

This was sent to me and I pass this on…

Look forward to life…

This is it. Your New Year is here. Though you cannot go back, you can do even better than ever as you move forward. No matter how many other years you’ve already seen, you can make this the best one yet.

Of course there are plenty of challenges, and more are likely to be on the way real soon. But you’ve already come through a whole lot of them, and now you can put all that experience to positive and meaningful use.

Glance back for a moment and you’ll clearly see that life is always what you choose to make it, no matter what else might be going on. Now look forward with a renewed determination, and make the choice to live with more meaning and richness than ever before.

In your heart, you know why. With your considerable experience of living, you know how.

As this New Year begins, look forward to the opportunity you now have of experiencing life at a new and more fulfilling level.

On this very first day of the year, look forward to being the best you’ve ever been at being you.

Some dream of worthy accomplishments..while others stay awake and Do them.