Debunking the myths of the penis

Women and gay men a like, you’ll find size queens. Thinking bigger is better. Of course it is, if you’re loose you need more to fill in or if your’re boring in bed. But really, for others like ahem, it’s either You’re Breaking my jaw or OUCH take it the fuck out!! What a pain.

Average Size of a Man’s Penis by Race & Nationality

Input from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • Men the world over have similar size penises. You see men of all races and nationalities on naturist (nudist) beaches in Europe and they are all about the same size.
  • The average size of a man’s penis is 6-6.5 inches’ long.
  • It is my assertion that penis size is RELATIVE due to the location of evolution or adaption from ones surroundings. For instance an Inuit man in Alaska could have an 8-inch penis but he would evolve to have a highly hidden penis to avoid losing it to frostbite. So you might say he is a grower not a show-er.

    In sharp contrast an African man in South Africa could have the same 8-inch penis, but his would not need to retract so much for protection from harsh winters; in fact, it would stay more relaxed, thus increasing surface area to dissipate heat. So upon standing these two together in a none-aroused state, one would clearly think the penis of n Inuit was much smaller, then upon them both getting erect they would be the exact same. This, in my opinion, is the reason for penis stereotypes. While this may be merely my observations, the part about location evolution/adaption affecting the penis is a fact.

  • I am a nurse in Pediatrics. I have seen over 300 circumcisions (over a period of 1 year) of babies from the age of birth to 1 month old. To perform a circumcision on an infant, a pediatrician uses a device called a Plastibell. The Plastibell comes in 6 sizes. Already from birth, a Black baby has a larger penis. We always end up using one of the larger sized Plastibells. White babies are from medium to large. And Asian babies are from small to medium.

    This makes perfect sense. Since the size of a male’s reproductive organs is not only affected by genetics, but also by how much testosterone that body produces.

    Testosterone gives males stronger physiques, but there is a down side. It also makes them more aggressive and more susceptible to other health issues earlier on in life. Testosterone can be compare to NOS in a car engine. It will make you go faster and increase your horsepower but it will wear down your engine faster. That is one of the reasons Asians have such long life expectancies versus Blacks.

    Anyone who has ever been through public school can observe this phenomena. Black boys and girls hit puberty as early as 5th grade and Whites start to develop around middle school, but there are Asians who are in high school who still haven’t hit puberty and don’t need to shave.

    Having a larger penis only has one real evolutionary advantage. It allows the male to deliver the sperm farther into the woman’s birth canal, slightly increasing the chance for the sperm to impregnate the ovum.

  • To the user above, the nurse in Pediatrics, I don’t believe your theory is correct. While testosterone contributes to penis size, this does not explain why Black babies sometimes use the bigger Plastibell size for the circumcision procedure (as compared to Whites or Asians), as these babies have just been born and their testicles have not been producing much testosterone. Another explanation is that Blacks have a higher incidence of Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes in general, and so these babies are born bigger (and so genitals along with the rest of the body).
  • There are 2 well-respected studies on penis-size where erect penis sizes were measured by trained lab personnel:

    1) William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson’s 1966 study was the first to address the “phallic fallacy”, the mistaken belief that size increase during erection is proportional to flaccid length. In fact, they found that the variation in flaccid size is much larger than variation in erect size and small flaccid penises increase more in size that long flaccid penises. There are men (called “growers”) who have a smaller flaccid penis size of for example 3.5″ which grow to 6.5″ erect, and also men (called “showers”) who have a larger flaccid penis size of 5″ which only grow 1″ to 6″ erect. Their average erect size estimate was 5.2″.

    2) Dr. Wessels published a study in the September 1996 Journal of Urology concluding that average erect length was 12.9 cm (5.08 in) and that “Neither patient age nor size of the flaccid penis accurately predicted erectile length.” Almost 20% of the subjects had erect lengths of less than 4″. This is the largest study that is the most modern and scientific.

    These studies showed no prediction of erect penis size as based on height, race, or size of hands/feet/flaccid penis size. Black, White, and Asian men were all compared, and no statistically significant difference was found among the races.

    Here are a few more often-cited studies (There are numerous studies that are actually surveys, on-line or otherwise. People tend to over-estimate their size on these surveys, as compared to studies where penis size is objectively and consistently measured, and so surveys should be taken with a grain of salt):

1) The classic penis size study is “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male” by Alfred C. Kinsey, et al (1948), which had a sample size of 3,500 subjects. In this study, each participant was given a stamped postcard against which he would hold his erect penis, mark its length, and drop the postcard in the mail. As such, the participants never even handled a ruler. In this study, Kinsey found the average erect size to be 6.2″.

2) Another study conducted by LifeStyles Condoms in 2001 found an average of 14.9 cm (5.9 in) with a standard deviation of 2.1 cm (0.8 in). This was measured by staff. The purpose of this study was to ensure properly sized condoms were available. 401 college students volunteered to be measured during 2001 Spring Break in Cancún, Mexico. However the sample may be more representative of male American college students visiting Cancun for spring break, and eager to have their penises measured, than it is of the entire male American population.

3) In an Italian study published in 2001 of 3,300 soldiers age 17-19, Ponchietti and his colleagues found the average stretched penis length (this is very close in length to the erect penis) to be 12.5 cm. or 4.92 in.
The average erect penis size from these studies are 4.92-6.2″ (actually the Kinsey study was really a survey as each subject measured his own penis at home instead of it being measured objectively in the lab, and so overexaggeration is possible). There was no correlation between size and race.

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