(Not So) Fascinating Walters List

Barbara Walters has really gone ghetto.

Every year she comes out with the Most Fascinating People Special, according to her of course, after all it’s her list.

She really needs to get out more often.

Have you seen the preview for who’s on her list?? Sarah Palin?? someone who has shit for brains. What makes her so fascinating? She’s some white trash redneck who has nothing intelligent to say.

The Cast of Jersey Shore????  Did I say ghetto? A bunch of kids who got famous being drunk and beating up people.

And Jennifer Lopez?? She suddenly became fascinating because she took a job as judge on Idol?

At the time of me typing this, the rest of her list hasn’t been revealed, but seriously, she should just retire and replace her with someone who’s more worldly, because judging from this list she only did her homework reading the tabloids.

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