Celebrities who have too much money

Some just have too much money, they buy homes 4x their family size and get 8 times more fireplaces, 13 bedrooms each with a bathroom to house the men you pick up from parks or photoshoots. Hey, whatever brings you so-called happiness.

The 45-year-old star and her actor hubby Matthew Broderick – both die-hard New Yorkers – are moving on up from their current home in the West Village to the posh address of 88 Central Park West.

And their three children, James, eight, and 17-month old twins Tabitha and Marion will have plenty of rooms to call their own.

According to “The New York Observer,” the former residence of philanthropist Laurie Tisch features a 32-foot long living room, eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and five “half” bathrooms. But probably the best feature of all for the famously fashion-forward Parker – there are also two Carrie-style walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom.

This will certainly come in handy seeing as she kept 70 per cent of her “SATC” wardrobe and has boasted about having Calvin Klein runway samples worn by model Kate Moss in the nineties.

And if the additional space isn’t reason enough to hit the shops for more designer duds – the fact that the asking price dropped by $3.5 million since August will be the perfect excuse!

While the new Parker-Broderick pad may seem pricey for us common folk – it’s par for the course in celebrity circles and especially in the Big Apple.

Early this year after an extensive search of the city, Hollywood’s most bankable actor, Matt Damon, placed his bet on real estate, snapping up a $20-million penthouse to raise his burgeoning brood of girls.

But the award for the most luxurious living conditions in America’s most populous city goes to Madonna – who dropped $40 million last year on a four-story, Georgian-style townhouse on East 81st Street.

Her 26 room mansion boasts a 3,000-square-foot garden, nine fireplaces, an elevator, a wine cellar and even a grotto, not to mention 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.