Dating on the web

Wonderful, I didn’t realize I havn’t edited this blog prior to posting it.

Let’s face it, the reality is..

As much as I want to believe it, it seems to be far-fetched. I would say that realistically finding someone of interest on the internet is slim to none, it seems like you need a hammer to crack the shell of most people in Toronto or perhaps most in Canada or it’s those who cannot carry on a conversation. But hey, you never know, perhaps it me, someone who doesn’t fit into any “box” and who defies expectations.

I’ve traveled a lot and have been to many places, Canadians are very reserved people and that if I were in another country I wouldn’t be single today.

A place where people are judged by their pictures and appearance, no relationship lasts on the foundation of physical attraction alone, unless you’re looking for that empty sex fling…I wouldn’t demean myself just to be used for something so meaningless, and like most people my age I am speaking from experience. Speaking of which, I give myself better orgasms than the people I’ve slept with, as narcissistic it sounds, it’s true. So then what’s the purpose of that ’empty sex’? Just to feel wanted? accepted? Perhaps to feel that void over and over again.

And honestly, without sounding like a used slut, I know what sex is about and it’s time to move on.

Looking for that person on the internet is not the same as ‘eyeing’ someone, a smile across the room or perhaps that person you meet through friends, because your basing it on some picture.