5 Health Reasons to have Sex

We’ve heard that sex can boost your mood and lower your blood pressure, but Dr. David McKenzie, a Vancouver-based clinical sexologist, and Ottawa-based sexologist Sue McGarvie, recently shared a few unexpected reasons why you should get frisky at least twice a week. As if orgasms weren’t enough!

A study from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., found that regular sex releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA), which can protect against colds and infections. If you’re already sick, it’s worth a romp to reduce some symptoms. “The adrenaline released during sex clears sinus congestion, too,” says McKenzie.

Post-coital flushed cheeks will give you a radiant glow and so will semen, says McGarvie. “Prostaglandins in semen help the skin look radiant.” These are a type of hormone that delay aging in skin and are linked to reducing wrinkles.

Sex floods your body with endorphins and corticosteroids, says McGarvie. The combination has an analgaesic effect that lowers your pain threshold and alleviates PMS cramps, headaches, and general body pain.

Orgasms release testosterone, a hormone linked to increased bone density, which is key to keeping osteoporosis at bay. “Plus the physical activity from a more vigorous session can help strengthen bones and muscles too,” says McGarvie.

After an orgasm there is a surge of oxytocin, says McKenzie and that helps your body slip into a relaxed and stress-free state. Oxytocin promotes quality sleep – this explains why your guy is asleep before he hits the pillow.

Information is current as of the original date of publication.

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