Hair Loss Treatments, Wrinkle Serums Ineffective

Until the age of 21 my hair was thick as a horse’s mane, then it began to thin very slowly as the years went on. Now that I’m 35, my hair is almost going, going, gone. I don’t want even imagine how I would look bald. I never tried Rogaine. I tried Propecia which did some good. But then I learned about ‘Avodart’, just like Propecia but apparently much more effective. And I’ve noticed great results with it.  Quite expensive, I think it’s $70 a month and insurance companies do not cover it because it’s considered cosmetic.


Rogaine was found by Consumer Reports to be mainly ineffective. Photo:

If you want to put the brakes on aging, forget those fancy, high-priced potions.

That seems to be the lesson found in May’s issue of Consumer Reports, which highlights studies on products marketed to the aging baby boomer generation, including balding treatments, hair dye and anti-wrinkle serums.

In a study of 8,042 participants whose hair loss wasn’t related to chemotherapy or illness, the most effective treatment was the prescription pill Propecia – though just 27 percent of men deemed the drug very effective. Rogaine can be used by both sexes with the possible not-so-sexy side effect of facial hair growth for women, though the study showed it was mainly ineffective and better suited to people with very recent hair loss. Expensive hair transplant surgery which can cost upwards of a staggering $10,000 per job, yet often needs to be repeated and carries the risk of infection, a long recovery, scarring and patchy hair growth.

“The market for baldness remedies plays to a particularly vulnerable segment of society. It’s a deeply personal, devastating issue to many who desperately want to believe that there’s a panacea out there,” said Tod Marks, Senior Editor at Consumer Reports.

“At the end of the day, the best remedy may actually be acceptance. Those surveyed pointed out actual benefits of being bald: you won’t get hat head, you won’t waste time grooming your hair, and you’ll save lots of money on shampoo, conditioner, gels, mouse, hair dryers and other haircare products,” added Marks.

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