Dick has nothing to do with it

In the car today I listened briefly to a program on XM Radio called ‘BroadMinded’. Two women who talk about everything and say anything on whatever that’s going on. So I happened to tune into the program when some gay guy was calling into the show I don’t recall who he was but they were commenting on ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

I just hate when gays spew out stupidity about other men, outright damn stupid. And why is everything gotta be sexual, can’t gays have a conversation or talk without mentioning sex or men’s parts.

He went on and said “I bet Max (who’s one of the professional dancers on the show) got a big “ahem” you can tell by the confidence he exudes. I thought he was have orgasm right there on the radio. And I’m like ew.

Right! Cause I never knew men with small penises are insecure people in their day to day lives.

He’s a professional dancer, do you expect him to be insecure??? lol  He’s overly proud of his dancing capabilities, you shithead, not of his penis.

And then you have those men who think big dicks have something to do with their ‘manlihood’, that bigger means a bigger and tougher man, only a dumbtwat would think like that. There are insecure big dicked men and very secure small dick men and vice versa.  DICK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

An aquinatance once told me she knows how big a guy is down there because how it shows in his pants. I asked if she was joking. And that’s what I am here for, to edcuate small minded people. There are growers and show  ers (not showers). Growers are small when soft and if well in-doubt it grows much bigger and Show(ers) are men who got big penises when soft and when hard it doesn’t get much bigger. So before you judge someone on their penis in their pants, SEE THE REAL THING.

Regardless of small or big it has NO signifance on the quality of sex.  Trust me, I know. Oh I know. And if your anal or gouchy is that loose, whatever comes out of there must just fall out un-naturally. Not good.

Besides, if you need something so big you got one loose goose and need some stichin’ to make YOUR part tighter and satisfying.

And if your sex relies only on intercourse, you must be crappy, uncreative and unsatisfying in bed because there’s so much more to sex than sticking a dick up your ass or vagina.